Biden declares ‘Build Back Better’ plan a ‘bigger’ deal than Obamacare


President Joe Biden, more than any recent politician, seems to be the most guilty in violating the old proverb to never believe your own press clippings.

This was apparent earlier this month when Biden cited the number of votes he received in the 2020 election — 12 million more than the record number Barack Obama received in 2008 as the nation’s first black president — in response to a negative reception in Michigan: “Notwithstanding some of the signs I saw coming in – that’s why 81 million Americans voted for me – the largest number of votes in American history.”

Speaking of Obama, Biden also believes his “Builds Back Better” plan is  “bigger” deal that the former president’s signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, which was passed when he was vice president.

Participating in a CNN townhall Thursday evening, Biden was asked by network host Anderson Cooper in his final question if the multi-trillion dollar social welfare spending bill that doubles as a lean version of the Green New Deal is  “bigger f’ing deal” than Obamacare.

“My final question is you famously at the signing ceremony, I think it was, for Obamacare, you famously leaned into the then president and— I’m not going to say a direct quote, but off mic you said this is a big f’ing deal. I’m wondering the Build Back Better plan. Is it a bigger f’ing deal than that?” Cooper asked.

“Sixty seconds. We got in the car to go over to the Department of Education after we did that … He got in the car, and he was laughing like hell. I said, what’s so damn funny. He told me. I whispered in his ear. I looked to where it’s going. And this is a f’ing big deal. I didn’t realize the guy behind me was lip-reading. He could see it. I’m serious.”

“The answer is, yes, this is bigger,” he continued.

“It is bigger because — not because what he did wasn’t enormous, he broke the ice, enormous,” Biden added. “But part of what I have in here is we also increased access to The Affordable Care Act, and we reduced the price an average of 60 bucks a month for anyone in The Affordable Care act plus, on top of that, we have another $300 billion of healthcare in it. So I would say this is a bigger darn deal.”

The president believes his massive spending bill is more transformational for the country than the Affordable Care Act, and given that critics of the measure see as a huge step toward socialism, he may be correct.

The Heritage Foundation said the plan “is being used as a Trojan horse to hide a socialist agenda that would add trillions to the budget, hike taxes, and centralize federal power.”

In an op-ed last year, Justin Haskins, the editorial director of The Heartland Institute, said the plan posed a grave threat to liberty and free markets in the United States.

“The Build Back Better plan comes straight from the Great Reset’s playbook. Great Reset supporters, especially the World Economic Forum, have been calling for some variation of a “Build Back Better” plan for years, often using those exact words in WEF materials,” Haskins said. “In fact, as recently as July 13, the World Economic Forum promoted “building back better” through “green” infrastructure programs as part of the Great Reset in an article titled “To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism.”

Tom Tillison


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