Biden goes to bat for illegal immigrants: ‘They built this country’

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden participated in a Cinco de Mayo celebration held at the White House on Monday and used the occasion to tout his efforts to allow illegal immigrants, whom the liberal media commonly refers to as DREAMers, to access health care through the Affordable Care Act — aka Obamacare.

“We are a nation of immigrants, and we shouldn’t forget it… it’s why we’re so good, why we’re so strong, why we have such potential,” Biden said, repeating a talking point that wore out long before he allowed 10 million illegal immigrants to enter the U.S..

“More than a third of DREAMers couldn’t get health insurance. It’s wrong. And this rule changes all that. DREAMers can now get health insurance, as they deserve,” the president added. “My first day in office, as I said, I sent a comprehensive immigration reform bill to Congress. It expands legal paths for entries for families and employers. It includes pathways to citizenship for DREAMers in the only country that they ever called home.”

Hitting all the focus-group approved key words, Biden proceeded to refer to those who have no legal right to be in the country as “model citizens.”

“I love it when people say, ‘Why DREAMers?’ Can you imagine a kid, two years old, saying, ‘Mom, don’t take me across the Rio Grande; it’s against the law?’ Give me a break. These have been model citizens,” he said.

This is not the first time Biden has gone to bat for illegal immigrants, who break the law to enter America, don’t share our values, and don’t prioritize assimilation.

During his State of the Union address earlier this year, when the media gave him a pass for butchering the name of Laken Riley — the 81-year-old cognitively challenged Democrat called her Lincoln — the nursing student who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, Biden actually referred to her suspected killer as “an illegal.”

The radical left had a conniption and two days later Biden rushed out to apologize.

“I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal.’ It’s ‘undocumented,’” the president told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart. “I’m not gonna treat any of these people with disrespect. They built this country.”

That was a long, long time ago under very different circumstances. With the open border this president ushered in, it’s indisputable that there are untold numbers of criminals, sex offenders, and mentally challenged people flowing into America, as well as actual terrorists.

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Tom Tillison


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