Anti-Israel radicals at George Washington University call for beheadings of school administrators

Cosplaying revolutionaries carried on their “people’s theatre” with calls for beheadings in the days leading up to a wave of arrests.

Leading up to a Wednesday congressional hearing, it appeared that Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metropolitan Police Department Chief Pamela Smith would have a lot to answer for after overnight arrests and a march on the home of George Washington University President Ellen Granberg.

As reported by Fox News, 35 people had been arrested as of Wednesday morning with charges including unlawful entry and assault of a police officer after GWU followed the lead of other schools in requesting assistance from law enforcement to clear out the terrorist sympathizing encampments.

That decision came after days of escalation that included a scene on campus late last week where a mock tribunal had been held with extremists chanting, “Guillotine. Guillotine. Guillotine.”

One of the mask-adorned anti-Israel radicals could be seen leveling charges against GWU officials including the Board of Trustees, Provost Christopher Alan Bracey, Granberg and others.

At one point, the black provost was singled out by name as the megaphone-wielding activist led a call-and-answer, “Bracey, Bracey, we see you, you assault students too.”

“To the guillotine,” she would shout when a kangaroo court sentence had been dished out and at one point she could be heard saying, “Off to the motherf*cking gallows with you. Get out.”

In a video posted by Turkish broadcaster TRT World where the activist’s face was blurred out, she referred to the “people’s tribunal” as a “form of a people’s theatre that has been used in resistance movements throughout history…”

By Sunday, Granberg had released a statement on the encampment and lasting protests that read in part, “The demonstration, like many around the country, has grown into what can only be classified as an illegal and potentially dangerous occupation of GW property.”

“It is also essential to highlight that at no point was this encampment lawful,” she stated.

Tuesday night, protesters took a hiatus from their encampment to march on Granberg’s home carrying signs that read “Free Palestine” and “Hands off Rafah” where, according to the Associated Press, no arrests were made. The activists returned to the encampment after roughly an hour, WUSA 9 indicated.

A statement from the school expressed, “While the university is committed to protecting students’ rights to free expression, the encampment had evolved into an unlawful activity, with participants in direct violation of multiple university policies and city regulations.”

Likewise, in their own release, MPD detailed, “The Department has worked to pursue non-arrest methods to deescalate tensions during this time and ensure the safety of the GW students and campus. Based on incidents and information, there has been a gradual escalation in the volatility of the protest. Therefore, this morning, working closely with the GW administration and police, MPD moved to disperse the demonstrators from the GW campus and surrounding streets.”

Wednesday afternoon, Bowser and Smith were slated to testify before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee Wednesday on the city’s “Response to Unlawful Activity and Antisemitism.”

Meanwhile, social media users couldn’t help but highlight the selective outrage from the left over fraternity members at Ole Miss chanting “Lizzo” at an obese Hamas sympathizer while LARPing radicals supposed play-acted at being judge, jury and executioner.

Kevin Haggerty


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