‘Biden is evil’: Mark Levin blasts president’s betrayal of Israel

President Joe Biden isn’t just a “buffoon” but is actually “evil” for betraying Israel, at least when it comes to the opinion of Fox News host Mark Levin.

This week, the octogenarian Democrat finally took the step that his Jew-hating base has been clamoring for by demanding a ceasefire in Gaza before the Hamas terror organization has been fully eradicated during a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Saturday’s edition of “Life, Liberty and Levin,” the author and constitutional law expert unloaded on the administration’s response to an accident in which seven workers for the World Central Kitchen were killed in an airstrike, the sort of collateral damage that often happens in wartime.

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In a scorching monologue to open the show, Levin told viewers what is at stake in this year’s election and that voters will decide whether “evil” will continue to rule over the White House.

“I’ve got to thinking, what is this election about? In fact, what is society about? It’s good versus evil, isn’t it? Forces of good, forces of evil, constantly clashing, and who’s going to win? This election is about good versus evil,” he began. And I’m going to make the case – just part of it – that electing Joe Biden is electing evil.

“Evil. Not just a radical leftist, not just a buffoon, not just Obama staffers, but evil,” Levin said. “And we’re going to start with this, obviously, this week, as you’re well aware, as the whole world is aware, as Biden and Blinken and the rest have made aware, the Israelis while defending themselves against an unprovoked terrorist horrendous attack, has been fighting like hell for six months in its longest war in history.”

“And the other day, they accidentally took out a convoy of trucks, seven trucks, which had civilians, Civilians who were bringing food and medicine into Gaza. And Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, and this guy Kirby,” he continued, referring to regime spox John Kirby. “They immediately went to the microphones, I think, in fact, Blinken was in Europe for a NATO meeting,  trashing Israel, trashing Israel, for something that they didn’t mean to happen, and they apologized for, and are independently investigating.”

He then read Biden’s “outraged” words from a statement on the military mishap.

“This is full of evil. Full of evil. First of all, he decoupled the release of the hostage from the ceasefire in the UN Resolution in which he directed his UN ambassador to vote present or to abstain,” Levin explained. “So that’s a lie, number one. Number two, the only country in Gaza that is ensuring, or trying to, the delivery of food and medicine to Gaza civilians is Israel! Not Egypt. Not the United States. Not Jordan. Not Iran. Israel.”

“And I hate to tell Biden this, the IDF is not the Peace Corps. You want to send the Peace Corps over there? Go ahead,” he continued. “Hamas is stealing up to 70 percent of all food and fuel that’s coming into Gaza. He knows that, we all know it. Then they’re selling what they leave over at some exorbitant price to their own citizens. They’re firing artillery into their own hospitals, they’re killing their own citizens.”

“Biden doesn’t mention this once, and he continues to use, throughout the day, throughout the weeks, the lies from the Hamas terrorists about the number of civilians that are killed. No matter how many statisticians and experts tell him he’s wrong, he doesn’t care,” Levin stated. “Because Biden is evil.”

“The 76-year relationship the United States has had with the state of Israel, starting with Harry Truman and subsequent Republican and Democrat administrations, is officially over today with the announcements and actions of the Biden regime,” the host wrote on X after Biden’s call with Netanyahu.

“The hate and contempt for Israel, which is simply trying to destroy Hamas, is not only spewed by Biden officials but their media mouthpieces, like Joe Scarborough, Jake Tapper, and the rest of the Israel-haters. Biden is not only shamefully berating Israel but is funding Iran and its terrorist surrogates. Biden is betraying not just Israel but also our country. And it’s happening in real time,” Levin said.

Chris Donaldson


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