Police chief vows ‘never again’ after ‘wannabe thugs’ trap cop in her cruiser during street takeover

Abduction of an officer by “masked, tough guy, wannabe thugs” had a Virginia police chief laying down the law: “…never going to happen again in Fairfax County.”

The morning of Easter Sunday in Springfield, Virginia included a chaotic scene as an officer from the Fairfax County Police Department responded to a “street takeover.” Escalating hostilities caught on dashcam video and filmed by members of the mob resulted in multiple warrants being issued as one individual was spotted armed hanging out the side of a car, and another allegedly struck an officer with a vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Video from the unnamed officer’s vehicle showed the crowd grow around her as participants in the “street takeover” climbed on the hood and roof while banging on the windows and panels. As she radioed for backup, she could be heard stating, “I’ve got a huge crowd. They’re hitting the car.”

A release from the FCPD explained Wednesday, “The officer found a large group of individuals driving recklessly and in circles. A large group of individuals surrounded the officer’s cruiser. At least one attempted to remove the license plate from the vehicles as the others acted disorderly.”

“The group prevented the officer from moving in any direction,” it continued. “They jumped on her cruiser and continuously banged on the windows. It appears at least one man was hanging outside of a vehicle brandishing a rifle. Dozens of officers responded from across the county to assist, and the mob of ‘street takeover’ participants began to disperse.”

“I believe we narrowly escaped a line-of-duty death scenario of our own,” said FCPD Chief Kevin Davis during a press conference Wendesday. “Because one of our officers was surrounded by a bunch of masked, tough guy, wannabe thugs who surrounded the car, and acted in a criminal manner, in a way that I’ll tell you is never going to happen again in Fairfax County.”

“I believe that they fully intended to drag her out of that car,” he noted. “Thankfully, they didn’t get into the car, and we’re very grateful for that.”

The most recent update from the police indicated that they had obtained warrants for the arrest of multiple members of the crowd, including 18-year-old Ronal Urrea-Hernandez of Catonsville, Maryland who was the alleged driver of the vehicle that struck a responding officer.

Though a pursuit had commenced, it was ultimately terminated and Urrea-Hernandez was sought for suspected “Felony Hit and Run, Speed to Elude, and No Operators License.”

Carlos Martinez of Woodbridge, Virginia, also 18, was charged with reckless driving for an alleged crash with a cruiser and he was issued a summons for reckless driving. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Dylan Heckard of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania was wanted “for Abducition, Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Obstruction of Justice, and Wearing a Mask in Public.”

He had been identified as a suspect after he was said to have posted an image of himself on social media, presenting his middle finger as he posed in front of the surrounded cruiser.

The fourth wanted individual, seen brandishing a firearm while hanging out of one of the cars, was not identified as he was said to be a 17-year-old of Arlington, Virginia. FCPD said he would be charged with “Disorderly Conduct and Abduction for jumping on the police cruiser and preventing her from leaving.”

Fairfax County Police issued a statement Friday indicating, “Our officers will be conducting high visibility enforcement tonight and through the weekend. Criminal behavior, speeding, and disregarding the safety of others will not be tolerated in Fairfax County. Respect the road, respect the law.”

Kevin Haggerty


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