Biden offers bizarre advice to young men: ‘Marry into family with 5 or more daughters’

President Joe Biden delivered unsolicited – and simply bizarre – advice to young men “thinking about getting married.”

During a speech Tuesday in New Hampshire where he spoke about the PACT Act, Biden joked with a 96-year-old World War II veteran who was in attendance.

“As we say in the Catholic church ‘no purgatory for this guy,’” the president said. “Five daughters. Straight to heaven.”

While his joke got some laughs, he went on to confuse many with his marital wisdom.

“And by the way, I say to every young man thinking of getting married, marry into a family of five or more daughters,” Biden told the crowd.

“I did. My wife’s oldest of five sisters. Do you know why? One of them will always love you — not the same one,” he said, leaning down to the microphone as if revealing a secret.

“One of them will always be on your side. That’s the biggest advantage of marrying into five daughters,” the 81-year-old added.

Social media users were dumbfounded.

Elsewhere in the speech, Biden struggled to spit out the name of the 2022 law that expanded benefits and services for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals during their service.

“Let me close with this. After I signed the pack-[unintelligible] act into law,” he garbled.

The RNC Research account on X captioned the video clip: “After I signed the asjiojfeijgergewefhahohoiore into law,” getting a nod of praise from conservative communicator Steve Guest.

To his credit, Biden had spent the previous 10 minutes of his address correctly saying “PACT Act,” but clearly tripped over his words near the end. Several other moments during his speech offered slurred words and difficulty.

As the clip of Biden’s nonsensical remarks made the rounds on social media, X users let the president have it.

Frieda Powers


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