‘Contact with reality’: David Hogg admits ‘everything is more expensive’ than it was under Trump

“Contact with reality” had David Hogg flirting with otherwise undeniable truths about Bidenomics and how leftist policies stacked up against the previous administration.

“Kudos on being almost correct.”

Wednesday morning, the corporate media darling activist appeared to overcome his Harvard education to, of all things, knock Brian Stelter over economic perceptions. In the process, the failed pillow entrepreneur also answered the pivotal election year question about how things were four years ago ahead of the expected 2020 rematch.

The former CNN host had shared polling conducted for The Guardian that asserted almost “three in five Americans wrongly believe the US is in an economic recession,” with blame pointed toward President Joe Biden.

Stelter’s screenshot of polling bullets making economic woes out to be a matter of perception was trashed by Hogg who captioned the content, “We can say the inflation rate is coming down but it still doesn’t change the fact everything is 10% more expensive than it was four years ago. The answer to this problem is NOT to continue telling people how they feel doesn’t matter because the GDP and stock market are up.”

The Wednesday wakeup from the typically woke professional victim followed another dose of reality dished out earlier in May when he had taken to social media to lament that his “landlord just told my roommate and I they are gonna raise our rent nearly 10%.”

Of course, that lowball percentage didn’t begin to fully capture the economic ravages brought in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s administration that thoroughly dismantled strides the GOP leader had made in the economy with energy independence, trade, manufacturing and more.

To that point, the social media account “unusual_whales” had shared figures on the housing market under Biden that left homeowners spending the largest share of their income on housing costs in decades as a Bloomberg report was cited that said households expected mortgage rates to climb to nearly 10% in the next three years.

Bringing the analysis down to an everyday example, freshman Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R) had shared data Wednesday that Americans could readily relate to with a change in popular fast food menu item prices from the peak of the Trump economy to the current state under Bidenomics.

“There’s no amount of smoke, mirrors or gaslighting that can hide the inflation that has occurred under the @JoeBiden administration,” she commented over the numbers that saw a nearly 100% increase in the price of Chick-fil-A nuggets, a nearly 120% increase in the cost of a Taco Bell burrito and an over 200% uptick in a McDonald’s McChicken.

Considering the typical leftist talking points that Hogg was known for deploying, social media users readily congratulated him for coming so close to escaping the Marxist echo chamber peddling “greedflation” for Biden’s economic failures.

Kevin Haggerty


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