Biden punts on traditional Super Bowl interview – for 2nd year running

Americans won’t be treated to the traditional Super Bowl pregame interview with the sitting president this year as Joe Biden’s handlers have decided to call an audible on appearing for the big game.

By refusing to sit down with CBS, the deeply unpopular incumbent is missing out on a chance to make his case for reelection before an event that traditionally draws the largest viewing audience of the year, a curious move considering his struggles in the polls with many showing him losing to GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump.

The octogenarian career politician also punted on last year’s Super Bowl interview when the big game was broadcast on Fox but it wasn’t an election year.

“We hope viewers enjoy watching what they tuned in for — the game,” White House spox Ben LaBolt told showbiz outlet Variety.

This year’s NFL championship game will feature the Kansas City Chiefs as they defend their crown against the San Francisco 49ers going head-to-head for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Las Vegas.

It’s a head-scratching move considering that it would be a softball interview conducted by a regime-friendly journalist and some may be tempted to wonder whether the doddering Democrat’s handlers don’t want to risk bringing further exposure to Biden’s advanced age and rapidly deteriorating cognitive abilities.

X users had some thoughts about Biden’s absence.

Leftists who may be disappointed in Biden’s ducking out on the big game should be heartened that there will be plenty of Taylor Swift served up by the league and network for mass public consumption with her boyfriend “Mr. Pfizer” playing in the game.

“The Paramount Global news operation had been in discussions with the White House in recent weeks. Details about which correspondent might have been eyed for the assignment could not be learned, but the CBS News offer was believed to have been for a 15-minute interview, three or four minutes of which would have aired during the network’s pre-game coverage,” according to Variety.

Chris Donaldson


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