Biden to finally visit East Palestine train derailment site – a full year later

President Joe Biden is finally planning to show his face in East Palestine a full year after the trail derailment that altered life for residents in the Ohio community.

The White House announced the president’s plan to mark the one-year anniversary of the catastrophic toxic chemical spill resulting from a Norfolk Southern train going off the tracks. Though the accident occurred on February 3, 2023, Biden has never once made a trip to the area to speak with residents or assess the damage from the disaster.

Instead of a personal trip to the area, Biden sent Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who showed up nearly three weeks after the disaster to grandstand for the media.

The administration also rolled out the obligatory studies and funds in the aftermath.

“Biden last year ordered his Federal Emergency Management Agency to appoint a coordinator to oversee East Palestine’s long-term recovery efforts. He’s also tasked the Environmental Protection Agency with evaluating whether Norfolk Southern has followed through on its commitment to address any lingering threats to the town generated by the derailment. And the Transportation Department has pumped millions into rail safety grants and additional inspections,” Politico reported.

The president was ripped for staying away as former President Donald Trump, who said the administration had “abandoned” the community, made a much-appreciated trip there, handing out water to residents and doing the job Biden should have.

“You are not forgotten. We stand with you. We pray for you. And we will stand with you and your fight to help ensure the accountability that you deserve,” Trump told residents at the time. “The community has shown the tough and resilient heart of America. And that’s what it is. This is really America right here. We’re standing in America.”

Trump took to Truth Social on Wednesday to predict Biden will not be receiving a “warm welcome” in East Palestine.

“With the World blowing up around us, with the Middle East on FIRE, Biden has finally decided to visit East Palestine, Ohio, a year late, and only to develop some political credibility because EVERYTHING else he has done has been such a DISASTER,” he wrote. “I know those great people, I was there when it counted, and his reception won’t be a warm one. Worst President in History!”



When asked as recently as September why he had not personally made the trip to the Ohio town, Biden told reporters that he didn’t have “the occasion to go to East Palestine.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters earlier this month, “The president will visit when it’s most helpful to the community.”

East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway told Fox News that in “my personal opinion the best time for him to come would be February of 2025 when he is on his book tour.”

“The President is always welcome to our town,” Conaway said, adding, “That being said, I don’t know what he would do here now.”

It seems many on social media agreed.

Frieda Powers


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