Biden unveils $6.8 trillion ‘tax and spend’ budget heavily focusing on ‘woke’ priorities

President Joe Biden proudly unveiled his 2024 budget, a gargantuan $6.8 trillion package chock full of money to promote the extremist “woke” agenda with it clear that appeasing his party’s base takes priority over the country’s mounting problems.

Biden rolled out the proposal on Thursday afternoon in a Philadelphia speech delivered to union members, a devoutly loyal Democrat voting bloc who will be critical for his reelection chances as the divider in chief touted the proposal, a left-wing wish list along with massive tax hikes that have little chance of appealing to GOP lawmakers, some of whom were quick to criticize its irresponsible focus on pet issues at a time of national crisis.

According to a Fox News analysis of the document that Biden was selling, the term “equity” was mentioned 63 times and “queer” 7 times while the deadly drug fentanyl which is laying waste to the lives of Americans only merited 2 mentions.

The budget does mention “border” more than 30 times as the regime’s disastrous immigration policies are even drawing criticism from some Democrats but only mentions “opioid” four times, while the word “transgender” appears eight times according to Fox News.

The White House released an edgy propaganda video to promote Biden’s budget, particularly Green New Deal projects and saving Social Security and Medicare which will almost certainly be the centerpiece of his yet-to-be-announced reelection campaign and a cudgel wielded against his Republican adversaries.

(Video: The Daily Mail)

According to the budget document, “On his first day in office, the President signed a sweeping Executive Order directing the entire Federal Government to advance an ambitious equity and racial justice agenda—not as a one-year project, but as part of a sustained commitment to make the promise of America real for every American.”

“Since then, the Administration has made significant progress advancing equity across the Federal Government, including by releasing a second Executive Order that strengthens its ability to create opportunities for communities and populations that have been historically underserved, and continues to build an America in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential,” the document reads.

After revealing his proposal, the divider-in-chief called for Republicans to follow suit.

“I’ve now laid out my budget. Republicans in Congress should do the same,” Biden tweeted on Thursday night.

One Republican who hammered Biden’s latest round of giveaways to leftist ideologues was Senator Ted Cruz of Texas who suggested that the geriatric career politician was merely the pitchman for those who are really running the show.

“The sad truth: The socialists are in charge of the White House,” Cruz wrote on Twitter. “Joe Biden certainly isn’t!”

The Lone Star State conservative also discussed Biden’s budget with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday’s edition of “Hannity,” telling the host that the radical left’s early Christmas gift has zero chance of passing.

“Sean, the sad truth is the socialists are in charge of the White House,” Cruz told Hannity. “Biden certainly isn’t but the people he surrounded himself with have a very simple approach to everything, they want to spend money they don’t have [and] they want to raise taxes on you.”

(Video: Fox News)

“This budget that Biden put out would create a $50 trillion national debt and their view is they can just keep printing money and unleashing inflation and keep borrowing money from China. It’s wildly irresponsible,” he added, saying that one of the key influences steering the budget is shrill socialist Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who was drubbed in her own state’s primary.

“You know what is not in this budget?” he asked. “Funds to secure our southern border. They want to fund 87,000 IRS agents, but they don’t have funds for significant numbers of new border patrol agents. They don’t have funds for significant numbers of DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration] agents to stop the fentanyl crisis that led to over 100,000 overdoses that happened last year on Biden’s watch.”

“This is a tax and spend budget,” he said. “They’ve got $5.5 trillion in new taxes in this budget. That includes taxes directly on energy. So, remember all of the Democrats who said they wanted the gas prices low? They were lying.”

“The chances of this budget being enacted into law are zero-point-zero percent,” Senator Cruz predicted.

Chris Donaldson


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