Jordan clashes with gaslighting Dem at Twitter hearing: ‘I’m responding to your ridiculous statement!’

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan threw down with ranking member, Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), Thursday as she attacked journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger over their explosive reporting on the “Twitter Files.”

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Leftist media talking heads such as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes drooled over the clash and attempted to spin it as Plaskett losing her patience with Jordan. More precisely, the chairman of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government was not brooking her dishonest accusations and the attempt to out sources who were providing evidence to the two journalists.

Testimony was heard from Taibbi and Shellenberger concerning their reporting on the FBI’s alleged ties with Twitter.

Jordan referred to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) letter demanding that journalists with access to Twitter’s records be publicly named in his opening statement.

“The idea that I believe both of these individuals [Taibbi and Shellenberger] who are getting ready to testify, I believe that they are both Democrats,” Jordan said in his opening statement. “The idea that two journalists who happen to be Democrats … I don’t think they’re here to help us politically, I think they’re here to tell us the truth. And oh, by the way, the first FTC letter to Twitter after the first set of ‘Twitter Files,’ the very first question was ‘who are the journalists you’re talking to?’ And you guys don’t care. You don’t care.”

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“The information op was run on us, run on we the people. And if that’s not the weaponization of government, I don’t know what is,” Jordan contended.

Plaskett attempted to disparage both Taibbi and Shellenberger, asserting that the “Twitter Files” basically proved nothing in her opening statement which led to the clash between her and Jordan. She claimed the witnesses “pose a direct threat to people who oppose them.”

“Republicans have brought in two of Elon Musk’s public scribes to release cherry-picked, out-of-context emails and screenshots designed to promote his chosen narrative — Elon Musk’s chosen narrative that is now being parroted by the Republicans because the Republicans think these witnesses will tell a story that is going to help them out politically,” Plaskett claimed.

(Video Credit: Forbes Breaking News)

Jordan called out Plaskett over asking Taibbi and Schellenberger if they had spoken with Twitter CEO Elon Musk about the material they had received. Their excellent reporting on what actually transpired on the social media platform before Musk took the reins has created a firestorm. The revealed evidence shows that the executives at Twitter were purportedly in bed with the federal government and intelligence agencies and were engaging in censorship against conservatives.

“You care about the 2011 dissent decree?” Plaskett asked.

“You don’t want people to see what happened,” Jordan charged. “The full video, transparency. You don’t want that, and you don’t want two journalists who have been named personally by the Biden administration, the FTC in a letter. They say they’re here to help and tell their story, and frankly, I think they’re brave individuals for being willing to come after being named in a letter from the Biden FTC.”

“Is this your question time now?” Plaskett tersely asked.

“No, I’m responding to your ridiculous statement you made in your opening statement!” he informed her.

“Ok, well let’s get on with it,” she snapped.

“Oh now we want to get on with it, so you can say all the things you want and not put out the facts,” Jordan responded.

“I did in my opening statement as well as you had an opening statement, you said what you needed to say in your opening statement, and I, as the ranking member, have used my time,” she interjected.

“Without objection, all other opening statements will be included in the record,” Jordan declared.

The exchange devolved from there and it became abundantly clear there was no love lost between Jordan and Plaskett.

“The ranking member of the committee in the weaponization of government is asking for your sources!” he asserted.

“I never asked them for their sources,” Plaskett stated, attempting to defend herself.

“Yes, you did!” Jordan shot back.

“I did not ask for sources. I asked if they were talking to Elon Musk. And they said that they were not talking. You are not going to say I’ve asked for sources,” she replied.

Hayes interviewed Plaskett last week concerning the second hearing involving the “Twitter Files.”

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“Wait a second, wait a second – they’re doing another Twitter hearing?” he incredulously asked her on Friday, feigning astonishment that Republicans would dare to do so.

“Yes,” she replied.

“My God,” Hayes said.

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