‘Biden’s the devil’: Breakfast Club takes calls from black voters after verdict, it doesn’t go well for Dems

Following the guilty verdict handed down against former President Donald Trump on Thursday, The Breakfast Club sought the opinions of black Trump supporters.

Four callers rang into the show to give their takes on the verdict and the justice system as a whole, and what they had to say spells trouble for Democrats.



(Video Credit: The Breakfast Club)

The first caller stated that Trump being a “convicted felon” has not changed his views, and it’s something they have in common.

“I am a convicted felon, man. I’m still the best guy that I know,” he said to the Breakfast Club crew, who applauded him.

“Convictions don’t make you a bad guy,” the caller continued. “My conviction made me a better person. My conviction made me a man with morals and principles. My conviction made me the guy that I am today.”

A second caller believes the former president got a raw deal, expressing his distrust of the justice system through his own experience.

“I don’t trust the system at all, especially being through the system,” the man explained. “After you’ve been railroaded by the system and you see that when you walk into the courtroom, they want you to be guilty, you’re gonna be guilty.”

“I don’t got no trust in that process,” he continued. “I rock with Trump, I feel like he’s way better than Biden. You know Biden, I can’t stand him. Biden’s the devil, man. Biden’s the same one- y’all remember the policies in the 90s? I know y’all got family members that was victims of that.”

“How can anybody black vote for Biden?” he asked. “The antics that those people take, he goin’ to black cookouts all of a sudden, it’s like a slap in the face. I respect Trump because at least Trump real. He might sound stupid, he’s not articulate, whatever. My quality of life was better under Trump, we didn’t have all these problems at the border under Trump, we didn’t have none of this goin’ on.”

Charlamagne tha God tried to expose the alleged “racism” of Trump in the 90s as well, comparing it to Biden’s track record, but the caller wasn’t having it. In fact, he pointed out one MASSIVE difference that all black people should care about.

“Look at the difference though, one of these racists made policies that actually affected lives. That mess Trump had goin’ on, the buildings, talking about the Central Park Five, that had nothing to do with life. That was small,” the caller responded.

The third caller expressed many of the same sentiments as the first two, adding that he has “plenty” of friends who have felony convictions who are “good people.”

Charlamagne asked the man if he planned to vote in November, challenging his voting history. He revealed that he voted for Trump in 2020 and will do so again in 2024, but wrote in Bernie Sanders in 2016 instead of voting for Hillary Clinton.

“Let me get right to the meat and potatoes baby. I’d rather have a president who’s going to be honest and show me that he’s an a-hole, than have a president who’s gonna lie to me and gas me up to get my vote,” the caller said. “He came on there and said ‘If you don’t vote for me, you’re not black.’ Hold up, Biden, what are you talking about?”

The fourth caller, a woman, was a little more hesitant, explaining that her family is mostly Trump supporters and she may “end up” voting for him “because he’s already getting away with murder.”

“You could always vote for someone who’s not gonna get away with murder,” Charlamagne chuckled.

“I know that, but at this point, Biden is not that good either and my family is already voting for Trump so I’m thinking, you know. Anybody else would be better but nobody stepped up,” she said, sounding resigned.

“Boy, Democrats, y’all in trouble come November,” Charlamagne muttered.

Sierra Marlee


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