BIG Dems want to pretend they don’t know P-Diddy, but Maxine Waters and Obama can’t hide history

Fox News’s Jesse Watters has exposed how Democrats were tight with rapper P Diddy for years before his recent downfall.

“Now Democrats are pretending they don’t know Diddy after his houses were raided by the feds in a sex trafficking investigation, but Diddy had a lot of political juice with the Democrats: He brought them voters, and they paid him back,” Watters said on Wednesday.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime,” the eponymous host went on to note, for example, that Diddy had interviewed and been praised by former President Barack Obama way back in 2004.


But that’s just the half of it.

“Fifteen years ago when NBC and Comcast were merging, their executives had to testify in front of Congress,” Watters continued. “Maxine Waters saw an opportunity.”

“She shook them down and forced them to give Diddy a piece of the pie. … If NBC wanted the merger to go through, they needed to make Maxine happy, so they give Diddy his own cable network, RevoltTV, and he was grateful,” according to the eponymous host.

Concluding the segment, Watters added, “Diddy isn’t the only disgraced mogul Maxine’s in bed with. Remember, she blew kisses at Mini [Madoff] when he was supposed to be under investigation by her. Now he’s serving 25 years.”

The reverse is true as well — Diddy has for the longest time been a staunch supporter of the Democrat Party.

In September of 2020, not only did he vote for President Joe Biden, but he and several other notable figures also penned a letter to then-Democrat nominee Biden demanding he pick a black woman — specifically current Vice President Kamala Harris — as his running mate.

In the letter, Diddy and others pushed back on “reports that Biden advisers have deemed [Harris] overly ambitious and potentially disloyal to a Biden presidency,” according to The Hill.

They also pushed back on “reports that members of Biden’s inner circle are holding a grudge over Harris mentioning Biden’s former opposition to desegregation busing in a debate [the previous year].”

“Was Joe Biden ever labeled ‘too ambitious’ because he ran for president three times?” the letter read. “Should President Obama not have made him VP because he had to worry about his ‘loyalty’ when he clearly had AMBITIONS to be president himself?”

“Why does Senator Kamala Harris have to show remorse for questioning Biden’s previous stance on integrated busing during a Democratic primary debate?” the letter continued.

A month later in October of 2020, Diddy formally endorsed Biden for president while also launching his own party just for black people.

“Diddy has launched a political party called Our Black Party, with the goal of unifying African-Americans behind a single agenda,” Variety magazine reported at the time. “Diddy said a major motivation for creating the party comes from his disillusionment with the current political system.”

“While he endorses Biden’s bid for president, he said he does not feel that elected officials often fail to make good on their promises to Black people,” Variety’s reporting continued.

Regarding the current set of allegations against Diddy, the rapper has for his part claimed he’s being targeted with a witch hunt.

“There is no excuse for the excessive show of force and hostility exhibited by authorities,” his attorney said in a statement on his behalf after his homes were raided last month.

“This unprecedented ambush — paid with an advanced, coordinated media presence — leads to a premature rush to judgment of Mr. Combs and is nothing more than a witch hunt,” the statement continued.

According to Watters, the raids were likely “triggered by a litany of lawsuits, including [one] from his own ex, alleging abuse, rape, and sex trafficking,” and including one from his former producer, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, containing even more disgusting allegations.

“Now for over a year, Lil Rod had unfettered access to Diddy’s world: his homes, his planes, and his parties, where he claims he witnessed mountains of narcotics, illegal firearms, laced drinks, sex workers, and underage boys and girls,” Watters said at the time.

“The producer claims he was groped by Diddy, groomed, and forced into humiliating sexual performances. Diddy’s chief of staff, Kristina Khorram, is said to have been the Ghislaine Maxwell to Sean Combs, allegedly ordering her assistants to keep Mr. Combs high off gummies, pills, cocaine, and ecstasy, and maintaining a steady stream of sex workers for her boss,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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