Bill Barr assails Trump over ‘crazy and reckless’ call to ‘kill’ domestic snooping

Presumptive GOP nominee  Donald J. Trump’s call for Republican lawmakers to “kill” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) has rattled the cages of defenders of the snooping.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr, who’s been the media’s go-to guy since falling out with his one-time boss, blasted Trump’s opposition to the system that he says was used by his political enemies to spy on him.

“I think it’s crazy and reckless to not move forward with FISA. It’s our principal tool protecting us from terrorist attacks. We’re living through a time where those threats have never been higher, so it’s blinding us, it’s blinding our allies,” the former DOJ boss told The Hill.

“I think President Trump’s opposition seems to have stemmed from personal pique rather than any logic and reason. The provision that he objects to has nothing to do with the provision that’s on the floor,” he added.

Barr was referring to the legislation to reauthorize the controversial section Section 702 of FISA which was temporarily blocked by a group of GOP lawmakers after Trump’s opposition.


“The part of FISA that was abused during Russia-gate had to do with getting wiretaps for American citizens, and that’s not what’s being considered. This is our ability to exploit foreign communications, and there are no Fourth Amendment issues with respect to the collection of this information,” Barr told the outlet.

“I believe this will result in attacks on the United States we’re not able to intercept,” he added, like others, using fear to bully those who still believe in the right to privacy to get them in line.

The temporary derailment of the bill to extend the power of the surveillance state by 19 House conservatives was yet another blow to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) who was against the domestic snooping before he was for it, adding to the growing list of flip-flops for the top congressional Republican who is facing the possibility of being ousted like his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy.

Democrats and those who benefit from the domestic spying apparatus that has been politically weaponized are fuming and some Senate Republicans are foot-stomping mad at Trump.

“I’m very disappointed in President Trump’s assessment of FISA. It is an essential tool. It may need to be amended but it is absolutely essential as everyone in the intelligence community will tell you,” said Susan Collins of Maine, according to The Hill.

“I know that for President Trump much of what happens in the world, in his mind, revolves around him, but FISA is actually designed to prevent another 9/11 or worse, and it’s been used extensively by our law enforcement to protect Americans, and if FISA were eliminated, American lives are going to be lost,” said Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), an obsessive hater of Trump.

“I disagree with him,” he said. “I’ve worked with the FBI, I’ve seen the briefing on reforms, I believe that they’ve addressed concerns, and I think the world is far too dangerous now for us to go dark,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) said.

“I hope for Republicans’ sake that there are no attacks because if there are, I think there will be blood on people’s hands for doing this. It’s reckless,” Barr said.

Chris Donaldson


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