‘The economy ground to a halt’: Cavuto pushes back on claim Americans were ‘better off’ under Trump

If you want the liberal slant on nearly any topic, you need to look no further than Fox News’s Neil Cavuto.

The host of “Your World” manages to put a Biden-friendly spin on anything a conservative guest throws at him, including the dismal economy.

Speaking to GOP fundraiser Noelle Nikpour on Thursday, Cavuto did his best to bedazzle the latest inflation report.

(Video: Fox News)

“We bounce back from our worst levels today on a better-than-expected wholesale inflation report, not that much better, but inflation still a big worry,” Cavuto said. “I am sure if you’re Donald Trump or Republicans you’re seizing on, ‘that is the issue,’ that will get you back in the White House.”

“What do you think?” he asked Nikpour.

“It is the issue,” Nikpour replied.

Americans, she said, know “they’re paying more” for everything.

“A lot of Americans sitting at the everyday kitchen table don’t understand wholesale inflation,” Nikpour told Cavuto. “All they know is when they go to the grocery store they’re paying more for groceries and it’s continuing. They know that it’s costing more with everything they do, from trying to take a vacation to trying to get a mortgage.”

“So, you’re seeing this and even though the Democrats are trying to tell you that inflation is pretty much in the rearview mirror and things are looking great, people don’t feel it,” she explained.

Life under former President Donald Trump was “better” than Bidenomics, and Americans know that, too.

“A lot of people are remembering how better off they were under the Trump administration,” Nikpour said. “They had more money in their bank. They had 3% mortgages. They are remembering this, and they are remembering where they were.”

“I think this is going to help Donald Trump,” she added, “and I actually think he is playing on the fact that they were better off under his administration than they are right now, even though Biden is saying it’s better.”

Cavuto couldn’t leave that hanging in the air.

“All right, we can go back and forth on whether people are better off,” he snapped back before turning to another guest. “We were knee-deep in the middle of Covid-19.”

“I’m not blaming that on the president, but the economy ground to a halt,” Cavuto stated. “You have to pick and choose your dates and times.”

As BizPac Review reported, Cavuto’s Fox News colleague, Sandra Smith fact-checked President Biden Wednesday over his White House inflation claims.

Like Cavuto, Biden balked at those who would say inflation was better under Trump’s administration.

The pricing data released on Wednesday showed that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 3.5% year-over-year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, following a 3.2% year-over-year increase in February.

“Let me tell you, he just said on inflation, that inflation when asked if he is concerned about it, he said that inflation is better now than when he took office,” Smith told guest Charlie Gasparino. “That is just factually incorrect. That is false.”

“Right now, inflation year over year is 3.5%,” Smith explained. “When he took office in January 2021, it was running 1.4%, okay? He referenced prices are better off now than under the previous administration. That is factually incorrect.”

“In fact,” she continued, “we put together this scroll using CPI data showing the price of just everything from new cars to clothes to shelter to the food you are putting on your table at home, gasoline prices over the past three years are up, Charlie.”

“So why does this administration keep insisting that this is a better economic environment?” Smith demanded to know. “It clearly is not.”

Melissa Fine


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