Bill Clinton SECURITY DETAIL interrupted – ‘get out…’

Actress Emma Roberts was captured on camera encountering a member of Bill Clinton’s Secret Service detail and seemingly telling the agent to get out of her way.

Clinton is seen browsing in a New York City bookstore in footage posted by celebrity photographer Ordonez on TikTok and Instagram, and Roberts is suddenly seen making a hasty exit, reportedly fleeing the flock of paparazzi trailing the 77-year-old former president.

The Secret Service agent, wearing a khaki polo shirt, grey jeans, and a matching brown baseball cap, is standing near the doorway outside the store and the “American Horror Story” star brushed by him. Roberts, who was wearing leopard-print biker shorts, a black tank top, a pair of brown Birkenstocks, and white sunglasses, nearly runs into the agent.

“Get out of the way,” she is heard mumbling.

Others suggest Roberts said, “Let me get out of the way.”

Once outside the store, Roberts is seen running toward a friend as they laugh about the stir being created by Clinton’s presence.

Social media users had different takes on the incident…. here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from X:

Tom Tillison


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