Bill Maher, Chris Matthews take a blowtorch to Biden: He’s ‘not smart enough to keep up with Trump’

There was no time for pussyfooting around the president’s mental faculties for HBO’s Bill Maher as the comedian and his panel ripped the “too hard to look at” debate performance.

The latest installment of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” came one night after President Joe Biden took the stage with former President Donald Trump and spent large swaths of the hour-and-a-half event unblinking with his mouth agape. Joined by former MSNBC host Chris Matthews and former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Maher appeared ready to concede the November election if the Democratic Party nominee remained Biden.

“Now, I don’t wanna show a lot of tape from last night, ’cause it’s too hard to look at, but just show this one thing…This is what the Republicans are gonna show from now until Election Day,” he said after Matthews made a pitch for California Gov. Gavin Newsom to be the candidate against Trump.

In the clip, the president struggled to keep a thought through to completion, getting lost in an answer that ended with him asserting, “We finally beat Medicare.”

“Well, he’s right, he did beat Medicare,” retorted Trump with one of his best lines of the night. “He beat it to death.”

Even the former “Hardball” host had to admit the control of the debate that the GOP leader demonstrated as he reacted to the clip, “He knew the two-shot would be up there. He wanted to have his head turning like, ‘Let’s watch the guy show how crazy he is.’ He’s, he’s looking for it.”

“You’re blaming that on Trump?” wondered the host as Matthews replied, “No, I’m watching his theatrical ability. He is playing this.”

“Okay, but he didn’t have to do anything,” countered Maher, seemingly suggesting that Biden had sunk his own ship. “It reminded me of when Mike Tyson used to knock guys out in 90 seconds. Like, that was like two minutes into the debate and I went, ‘Oh, this election is over.’ I mean, that was like a haymaker right away.”

That was only one of a slew of moments depicting Biden’s waning capabilities that stirred discussions of a brokered convention as well as the invocation of the 25th Amendment to boot him from the Oval Office well before Election Day. Trump’s campaign had readily provided a 90-second montage of other mutterings and brain freezes.

“Biden is not smart enough to keep up with him,” argued Matthews who noted the Republican’s use of undeniable facts while accusing him of peppering in lies as well.

The broader message had Maher exclaim, “Right! Isn’t that the whole point? You need a guy to keep up with him. I feel like the whole rationale for Biden running has always been, ‘I’m the only guy who can beat him.’ Now, I think it’s inverted. I think he’s the only guy who could lose to him.”

As far as who the Democrats propped up for Nov. 5, Gabbard had offered, “I don’t think it makes a difference. When you look at Joe Biden’s policies, all of these pieces that have been destructive to our country will continue.”

She had said much the same on social media Friday night and posted, “Whether Biden is replaced or not, the insane and dangerous policies of the Democrat elite will continue. This isn’t about Biden, it’s about the Democrat elite and their friends staying in power to continue pushing their agenda to engulf the world in war and continue their theft of our liberty.”

Kevin Haggerty


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