Bill Maher encourages Dems to embrace Biden’s age issue: ‘Walks like a toddler with a full diaper’

President Joe Biden’s spinmeisters are fighting a losing battle against the octogenarian’s obvious shortcomings and now they have lost Bill Maher.

The liberal comic and social commentator unloaded on the rapidly deteriorating 81-year-old in a merciless skewering on the latest edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher’ on HBO, urging the doddering Democrat to “lean into” his advanced age and to “let his old fart flag fly.”

‘If Democrats want to win the next presidential election, they need to find a way to make the Biden age issue work for them. Because you know what’s really getting old about Joe Biden? Complaining about his age,” Maher said, kicking off an extended rant about the geriatric leader.

“And just admit it! Say, “Yes, I’m bad with names and I walk like a toddler with full diaper, but I believe in democracy,'” he added, another leftist harping about “democracy” which now apparently means jailing political enemies and reporters, just like Putin does.

Despite the mockery, Maher seemed to be in alignment with a party that, lacking a viable alternative with a vice president who can’t be dumped because she’s a member of a protected class, decided to propagandize voters that Biden’s age is actually a major selling point, even if he is senile and practically drooling on himself.

“Be yourself, and Joe, yourself is old,” he joked. “You’re so old you once fell down the stairs at the Underground Railroad. You’re so old, your bad kid with a drug problem is 54,” referring of course to allegedly reformed crackhead Hunter Biden.

“No one cares if you can ride a bike and trying to do stuff like that is only setting yourself up for failure,” he said, advising Biden to avoid the bike rides and the potential for another embarrassing spill.

The host advised Biden to embrace the age, like former GOP presidential candidate John McCain did, ‘I’m older than dirt, I have more scars than Frankenstein, but I’ve learned a few things along the way,’ the then 71-year-old senator said in a debate in 2008, the year he lost the election to Barack Obama.

“When the president delivers the State of the Union, I say he should let his old fart flag fly,” Maher declared about the upcoming SOTU address, a nationally televised speech that Biden’s aides are hoping will be a “reset” opportunity, bolstering public confidence after the devastating report from Special Counsel Robert Hur finding him too senile to be convicted by a jury.

Maher also joked that Biden should use a walker during the speech.

“Everyone around him is well aware — well aware — of the need to jack this campaign up,” an unnamed source close to the president recently told Axios. “The only way to deal with the negative aftershocks of the special counsel’s report [slamming Biden’s age] is for the president to be out there, to be visible — to be strong of presence and strong of voice.”

Will it work? It can’t be a bigger failure than the “Bidenomics” gaslighting that White House geniuses tried to foist off on the American people.

Chris Donaldson


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