Sanders stirs anger when he blasts Biden’s Israel policy: ‘Demand Hamas surrender and release the hostages’

An update on Middle East actions from the president was slammed as “totally absurd” by a socialist lawmaker pushing for more open borders.

(Video: MSNBC)

For the party where double standards remained the gold standard, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) lived up to his Democratic allies’ expectations as he criticized President Joe Biden’s latest plans related to the Israel-Hamas war.

Joining MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” Friday, the lawmaker who’d voted against the nearly $100 million foreign aid package that prioritized Ukraine because of funds allocated for Israel, pushed back on the White House’s intention to begin airdropping humanitarian supplies for Gaza in the coming days.

“We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of children facing starvation. We’re talking about Israeli bombs making it impossible for humanitarian aid to get to places that it is needed, that the borders are being blockaded and aid is unable to get through. So I think what the president is doing is an important step forward, but we need to do more,” he told the eponymous host. “We need to tell Netanyahu and his right-wing government that they’re gonna have to open those borders.”

Peddling the inane two-state solution that suggests a proposed Palestinian state could coexist with Israel which extremists in charge believe is occupying their land, Sanders heaped on criticism for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well.

“We need a new approach to Israel. For many, many years, we have given them a lot of money. Recently there was a vote. I voted against it, to give them another $14 billion. My view, not another nickel for Netanyahu’s government if he’s gonna continue this wholesale slaughter of the Palestinian people,” the senator categorized the Israeli counteroffensive in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack.

“That’s the thing I can’t really reconcile, right?” Wagner contributed. “We’re air-dropping aid at the same time as the U.S. is sending weapons of war over to Israel. How do you reconcile that? Is the right hand not talking to the left hand?”

“You can’t reconcile it. It’s totally absurd,” asserted Sanders. “And on top of that, look, the airdrops are very important. But that is not as important as opening up the borders because you’re gonna need hundreds of hundreds of trucks every single day. And our message to Netanyahu, you know what, you’re not gonna get another nickel unless you open those borders and prevent the starvation, which is imminent.”

Disregarded by the legislator was the fact that the blockade that had been in place in cooperation with Egypt for nearly two decades was meant to keep Islamic extremists in Gaza from obtaining more weapons and from spreading throughout the region and around the world.

“It is an unprecedented disaster, Alex. I mean, it makes my stomach turn when you think about,” Sanders added as social media users chimed in with doses of reality for the Marxist ideologue.

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