Bill Maher would vote for Biden’s ‘head in a jar of blue liquid’ but he’s ‘going to f**king lose’

Comic and social critic Bill Maher is many things and one of them seems to be a realist, especially when it comes to President Joe Biden’s chances of winning another four years in the White House.

The old-school liberal and diehard Democrat isn’t optimistic about the geriatric leader’s hopes of staying in power even if dirty leftist lawfare tricks send presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump to jail, and he explained the party’s dire situation to activist journalist Kara Swisher who seemed to be mired in denial.

On the latest edition of his “Club Random” podcast, the HBO host expressed his undying loyalty to the 81-year-old, invoking vivid imagery by saying that he’d vote for Biden’s “head in a jar of blue liquid” before Trump, but that he’s doomed when voters go to the polls in five months.

(Video Credit: Club Random)

Swisher scolded the host for being a Debbie Downer about Biden, especially over his advanced age, “I think the issue with someone like you, the focus on Biden versus the danger of Trump… you’re focusing on the scones don’t taste very good when the house is burning down,” she said.

“Almost everybody who I can think of who I really respect we’re kind of all on the same page here which is we lose our credibility if we don’t talk about… as if they’re not gonna notice Biden’s old?” Maher asked, explaining why he jokes about the octogenarian’s age on his show before emphasizing his loyalty to the cadaverous Democrat.

“I would vote for his head in a jar of blue liquid over Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not, first of all, I think it’s a moot point at this point. He’s going to f**king lose,” the host stated.

“Who Biden? No. You’re wrong,” Swisher disagreed, challenging him to a bet on the election results.

“Not only will I not bet on this premise, you could change my mind on it in the next two minutes,” Maher said, urging his guest to convince him otherwise.

Swisher claimed that a “silent majority” of voters would deliver a second term to Biden because they oppose Trump, especially women, a demographic that Democrats are betting the house on abortion in the hope that they’ll be the deciding factor, putting their selfishness above their economic self-interest and the future of America, although she hedged with a caveat on whether the “silent majority” will be in key states.

It was a much more relaxed conversation than this week’s edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher” on HBO where the host predicted that if Trump is sent to prison by Judge Juan Merchan next month, his supporters will start a “race war” as their reaction.

(Video: Real Time With Bill Maher)

I mean, MAGA nation will go nuts. I don’t know if that’s a reason to or not to do something, but they will…,” he said. “If they put him in jail, I know it will happen because the judge’s name was Juan. Everything becomes racial in this country…”

He brought up the controversial new “Civil War” movie, adding,  “A civil war in this country, I’m sorry to say, becomes a race war. That’s the sad truth about this country. And if they put him in jail, I mean, the first thing his supporters are going to say is, ‘Oh, that’s what it is.’ A black district attorney. You know, all these people who are the district attorneys, they’re black. The judge was not white. This is what it is.”

Maher may be a Democrat to the core but he’s a rarity who many times serves up the truth that others on the left refuse to consider, and the deeply unpopular Biden is going to need a minor miracle to win the election.

Chris Donaldson


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