‘You’re not a doctor!’ MTG strips Fauci of title and all hell breaks loose

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ripped into Dr. Anthony Fauci, refusing to use his doctor title and accusing him of signing off on barbaric experiments on dogs.

The Georgia Republican grilled Fauci during a hearing of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on Monday, calling him out for previous claims he made about representing science.

“Do you think that’s appropriate… Mr. Fauci, because you’re not a doctor, — you’re Mr. Fauci in my few minutes,” she said before saying, “No, I don’t need your answer.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin asked Chairman Brad Wenstrup if members were allowed to deny that a doctor is actually a doctor.

“Yes, because in my time, that man does not deserve to have a license,” Greene responded. “As a matter of fact, it should be revoked and he belongs in prison.”

She questioned the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases about beagles that were experimented on under his watch.

“As a dog lover, I want to tell you this is disgusting and evil, what you signed off on, and these experiments that happened to beagles paid for by the American taxpayer,” Greene said. “And I want you to know that Americans don’t pay their taxes for animals to be tortured like this.”

(Video Credit: C-SPAN)

The congresswoman also grilled Fauci about the six-feet social distancing rule applied during the COVID-19 pandemic, something he said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had come up with at the time.

“I didn’t say I made it up,” Fauci said. “I said it is not based in science and it just appeared.”

Greene posted a video of her questioning Fauci and wrote, “I let Anthony Fauci know exactly how the American people feel about his crimes against humanity.”

“Mr. Fauci should be prosecuted and thrown in jail,” she added.

There were plenty on social media who agreed with the Georgia lawmaker.

Frieda Powers


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