Billionaire ‘Democrat’ Bill Ackman DEMOLISHES media propagandists, warns beware ‘the Big Lie’

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman demolished the media after President Biden’s disastrous debate performance Thursday night, taking serious issue with the lack of reporting on the 81-year-old president’s mental acuity and health — the cat was out of the bag given how badly Biden struggled to articulate his thoughts.

Ackman has called himself “a Bill Clinton Democrat,” but he announced in April that he would not be voting for Biden and would instead vote for Donald Trump — he had previously voted for Trump in 2016. This was after Ackman said in January that he could no longer be “associated with” the Democratic Party over its support of “racist” diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Taking to the social media platform X, Ackman put forth a lengthy essay on the issue and even drew a response from fellow billionaire Elon Musk after thanking him for saving the platform that “gives us a fighting chance to save our democracy.”

“Truth is the first casualty in the war that is politics,” Musk replied to his post.

“As much as last night was an indictment of the Democratic Party for misleading party members and the country about the mental acuity and health of the president, the media deserve far more derision and scorn,” Ackman wrote.

“I and others were repeatedly criticized by the media for questioning the competency of the president. Among other false accusations, I was accused of spreading misleading videos which clearly showed Biden’s deterioration,” he said.

In pointing to what he called a “heavily excerpted and edited” interview, the billionaire said 60 Minutes knew Biden was dealing with serious cognitive decline, as did the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC.

“Left wing media have had total and complete access to the president, his staff, and his administration. They all knew, but they told you otherwise. They outright lied to you,” Ackman wrote.

The hedge fund manager said Special Counsel Robert Hur was the subject of a character assassination campaign by the media and was called a tool of the Republican Party when he said the president was not fit to stand trial for mishandling classified documents. The Wall Street Journal was also attacked for spreading propaganda, Ackman said, over “a several-thousand-word, carefully researched, front page piece on the president’s mental and physical health.”

“Now consider who has been feeding you propaganda,” he wrote, before turning his attention to the “Big Lie.”

“A favored technique of some of the most evil leaders in history was to mislead the people by constantly repeating the Big Lie,” Ackman said. “The Big Lie is so audacious that people accept it as truth because it is repeated so often that how can it be that something so important and material could be an outright falsehood?”

“In this case the Big Lie was our president’s fitness for office, let alone a second term,” he explained. “A media organization is not supposed to be a branch of the Democratic Party. The media have a profound obligation to tell the truth to the American people, particularly about something as critical for the country as the president’s mental and physical health.”

After noting that the left has no problem railing against the “right wing echo chamber,” Ackman declared, “The media can no longer save itself.”

“The sad reality is that one of our most important institutions, the so-called ‘Fourth Estate,’ fourth only after the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners, has destroyed any remaining credibility it has,” said the billionaire, before urging Americans to find more reliable avenues to get their news.

Such as X.

“I follow broad constituencies on @X on multiple issues. That has led me closer to the truth. Citizen journalism has been a much more accurate representation of reality,” he said. “Thank you @elonmusk for saving this platform. It gives us a fighting chance to save our democracy.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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