Robert F. Kennedy Jr shares a ‘scary’ takeaway after the debate

As shocked reactions continue to pour in after President Joe Biden’s devastating debate performance, one White House contender is warning about what the episode really confirmed.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes Thursday night’s CNN Presidential Debate not only shined a light on Biden’s mental and physical health, it also raised doubts about who’s running the country.

“He does not seem to be the person who’s making the decisions in the White House,” Kennedy said on “Fox & Friends” Friday when asked if Biden is fit to be president. “I think our government is being run by anonymous men in lanyards, and it’s scary.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Kennedy held his own event on social media as he did not meet CNN’s qualifications to make the debate stage. He answered the same debate questions in real time as Biden imploded before his supporters’ eyes.

“This whole spectacle was a sad story for democracy,” RFK Jr. told host Lawrence Jones.

“We have 341 million people in this country, and the two political parties produced two men who bickered over, really, irrelevancies without telling us how they’re going to get our kids into houses. This is the first generation in American history who’s going to be worse off than their parents,” he said.

“I have seven kids. They all went to great schools. They all have good jobs, and none of them can get into homes,” he continued.

“My kids are very, very privileged compared to other children in this country. This is a crisis. The American middle class is the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind… it works because we had them in our homes. People could get equity. They were able to raise money. They were able to get it, borrow money to start businesses, and pursue their entrepreneurial impulses. We’re going from a society of owners to a society of renters, and this is a crisis for our country and neither of these candidates talked about how they are going to deal with inflation,” RFK Jr. asserted.

“It’s a beautiful message. I want the American people to hear that message,” Jones said.

“But your party said no. They said you couldn’t be on the debate stage to have that conversation,” Jones added, going on to ask, “Do you think Joe Biden is fit to be president right now?”

“I don’t think so,” Kennedy replied.

He noted “the decisions that are being made” by Biden as his administration “is bringing us close to nuclear war.”

“We’re closer to nuclear conflict today with the Russians and China and, you know…who are in league now with Iran, which has never happened before. That’s almost exclusively because of policies of the Biden administration,” Kennedy said.

“We want somebody in charge of our country who actually is conscious of these things and President Biden doesn’t seem to be.”

On social media, Kennedy blasted the “fourth-grade level” of Thursday’s debate and called for a “reset” in the nation.

Frieda Powers


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