‘Bizarre’: KJP claims grocery and gas prices have gone down under Biden

Team Biden has a distinct advantage in the November election in that they are not tethered to the truth when trying to convince American voters that four more years of the last four years is a good thing.

The campaign is largely free to escape the gravitational pull of the truth because the pro-Biden media can be counted on to sit on its collective hands as they spout untruths.

Case in point, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — yes, technically, she is not part of the campaign, but we all know how the charade works by now — who went on the Democratic propaganda network MSNBC to claim that the cost of groceries has gone down under President Biden.

Apparently, Democrats are touting the drop in prices that they drove through the roof, banking on the short memory of the average voter.

Earlier this month, the RNC noted in response to the Biden administration trying to declare victory over inflation, “Overall prices are up 20%+ since Biden took office, with gas prices up 55.3%, electricity up 29%, rent up 21.2%, and grocery prices up 21.2%.”

Speaking of mistruths, Biden continues to insist that inflation was at 9% when he took office. If you were to assign Pinocchios to that fib, you’d run out of wood:

But that fib pales in comparison to this claim:

The House GOP released a list of increases under Biden, noting: “Americans are spending over $12,800 more annually to buy the basics because of Bidenflation compared to three years ago.”

  • K-12 food is UP 65.1%
  • Gasoline, unleaded regular is UP 55.3%
  • Eggs are UP 40.1%
  • Airfare is UP 39.9%
  • Flour is UP 34.8%
  • Admission to sporting events is UP 34.0%
  • Electricity is UP 29%
  • Baby food is UP 28.4%
  • Butter is UP 27.3%
  • Public transportation is UP 27.2%
  • Cigarettes are UP 26.7%
  • Cookies are UP 25.8%
  • Breakfast cereal is UP 24.8%
  • Bread is UP 24.8%
  • Poultry is UP 24.2%
  • Lunchmeats are UP 24.2%
  • Chicken is UP 24.0%
  • Uncooked ground beef is UP 23.3%
  • Pet food is UP 23.0%
  • Eating out is UP 22.2%
  • Groceries are UP 21.2%
  • Rent is UP 21.2%
  • Used cars are UP 20.9%

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on the social media platform X:

Tom Tillison


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