Black, Latino Republicans furious at Sunny Hostin’s on-air insult, but will she be reprimanded? ‘That’s racism right there’

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin is facing fierce backlash from conservative blacks and Latinos over the disparaging remarks she made this week about minorities who vote Republican.

As previously reported, on Friday she said that a black Republican is an “oxymoron” and complained that she doesn’t understand black and Latino Republicans.

According to Texas congressional candidate Mayra Flores, a Hispanic Republican, the co-host’s remarks were straight-up racist.

“That’s what you call racism. That’s racism right there, when someone tells you because of the color of your skin, because of where you’re from, you have to think a certain way. She owes us a huge apology,” Flores said to Fox News.

She went on to list some of the racist attacks she’s faced from the left — not the right.

“I’ve been told from people from the left I should go back to Mexico. I’ve been called all kinds of names because I’m running as a Republican,” she said.

Indeed, despite purporting to be the tolerant ones, members of the left have a sordid history of demeaning and disparaging minorities who refuse to bend the knee to the Democrat Party.

However, these attacks rarely receive any attention from the corporate media.

“[The media] are completely silent about it because it doesn’t fit their agenda. She owes an apology to all of us. She’s constantly spreading misinformation, constantly disrespecting our values. Honestly, shame on her and shame on ‘The View,'” Flores explained.

She added that she was raised around conservative values, which are actually fairly standard for Latino families. Hostin is herself part Hispanic, so she presumably grew up around some of the same values.

“Honestly, I feel it’s a disrespect for her to talk that way because she’s obviously sold her values. [Democrats] continue to make promises to us. We’ve been taken for granted here in south Texas … They want to pretend like we don’t exist …. God, family and hard work, that’s who we are in the Hispanic community,” Flores said.

Also speaking with Fox News, former Trump administration official Ben Carson echoed Flores’ claim that Hostin’s words were racist, saying that they reek of the mentality inherent during the Jim Crow era.

“Freedom is the liberty to pursue happiness on one’s own free will. The impudent behavior to tell others how they should think, feel, and live is a relic of Jim Crow and disgusting. Conservative ideals like faith, liberty, community, and life transcend race, sex, and religion. More Americans are coming to that realization and that is why the left is so scared,” he said.

Yet telling others how they should think, feel and live has become a staple of the modern Democrat Party.

Carson doesn’t care for this antiquated viewpoint. Neither does Republican National Committee spokesperson Paris Dennard.

“The millions of free-thinking, independent-minded black and Latino Americans who are in the Republican Party should continue to ignore the personal attacks and attempts to intimidate them by liberals like Sunny Hostin,” he told Fox News.

“The view of the RNC is that all minority Republicans are valued, appreciated, and respected and we look forward to welcoming even more into the GOP and seeing the record number of black and Latino Republican candidates for Congress win in November.”

The view of Democrats, meanwhile, appears to be that minorities must be told over and over and over again that Republicans literally hate them:

Yet the polling data shows that this strategy isn’t working:

If anything, the Democrat Party’s racial politics appears to be alienating an increasing number of minorities, particularly Latinos. It doesn’t help when Democrats use made-up terms like “Latinx” to refer to them.

As for Hostin, several minority Republicans have offered to appear on the show to explain their perspective to her.


It’s not clear whether she’ll take up the offer.


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