Sunny Hostin says a Black Republican is an ‘oxymoron’, doesn’t ‘understand’ Latino GOP either. Let’s help her out…

In a snarky statement reminiscent of then-candidate Joe Biden’s infamous “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” gaffe, Sunny Hostin said Friday that a “Black Republican” is an “oxymoron” and claimed she “doesn’t understand” Latino Republicans, “either.”

After asking co-host Lindsey Granger if she, a Black woman, is a Republican — to which Granger replied that she was — Hostin replied, “I feel like that’s an oxymoron, a Black Republican.”

“You feel like it’s an oxymoron?” Granger fired back.

Hostin confirmed that she did.

When Granger pointed out that co-host Ana Navarro, a Latino woman, was a Republican and reminded Hostin that, as a pro-choice Catholic, she is actually the oxymoron, Hostin replied, “I don’t understand either of you.”

“You don’t understand yourself, though,” Granger retorted.

“I understand myself,” Hostin responded. “I don’t understand either of you. I don’t understand Latino Republicans.”

While Navarro was anxious to get back to celebrating Karin Jean-Pierre, we at American Wire News thought we’d try to help Hostin figure it out.

First, Hostin should know that, while she may confused, most Black voters are not.

As we reported in April, President Biden’s approval among Black voters, along with Black support for the Democratic party overall, has tanked to historic lows amid crushing prices at the gas pumps, soaring inflation, a disaster at the southern border, and impending food shortages due in part to the administration’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Analyst Harry Enten went on “CNN Newsroom” and revealed that Biden’s job approval among Black voters has sunk from a high of 87 percent at the start of his time in office to a dismal 67 percent ahead of the fast-approaching midterm elections.

“I mean, it’s really low,” Enten stated.

And, with respect to Hispanic voters, a Monday “TIPP Insights” report shows that 22% of Hispanic voters would prefer Trump return to the White House, as opposed to just 12% who would go another four years with Biden.

So why, Hostin may wonder, would that possibly be?

And an April CBS News poll showed that 63% of American voters feel the national economy is “bad” and point to inflation (86%), gas prices (82%) and shortages of products and services (69%) as the top reasons.

These aren’t racial issues, as much as Hostin would like to pretend they are, they’re American issues, and after a year under Biden’s leadership, Black and Hispanic voters are remembering the many policies enacted by President Trump that directly benefited their daily lives.

In addition to energy independence, a secure border, and a robust economy, Republicans under Trump backed the police and enjoyed lower crime rates as a result.

In short, what Hostin — and, one could argue, President Biden — fail to understand is that identity politics aren’t actually very important to most Americans, especially during trying times. “Inclusive” language and rainbow-colored classrooms aren’t such a critical hill to die on when kids are killing themselves with Fentanyl flowing over an open border.

And to assume that a person doesn’t wish to vote along identity-fueled lines or in lockstep with any other group… well, Sunny, as one user on Twitter put it: That seems racist.


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