Blistering thread exposes the ‘real’ Rick Wilson and who the ‘grifter’ is targeting next

Few political operatives have been as consistently loathsome for as long as Rick Wilson, one of the co-founders of the disgraced grifting operation The Lincoln Project as well as a cynical con artist whose skewed moral compass and apparent lack of conscience allowed him to cash in on the left’s paranoid delusions about former President Donald J. Trump.

The longtime GOP political consultant who cut his teeth as a field director for former President George H.W. Bush’s campaign before leaving the Republican party for a new career as a hired gun after the bombastic billionaire outsider sprung the upset on heavily favored Hillary Clinton in 2016, has been a go-to guy for a media that relishes his caustic commentary, profane descriptions and most of all, his venomous attacks on Trump which has led some to suspect that it is all an act to make bank.

One who is skeptical of Wilson’s outward appearances as the left’s foremost “conservative” anti-Trump warrior is Twitter user Just Mindy who devoted a thread to exposing the bespectacled, bald avenger as a shameless scammer who is setting his sights on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a rising Republican rock star and the most serious challenger to Trump’s 2024 White House hopes if he chooses to run.

Just Mindy, whose Twitter bio shows that she resides in Wilson’s home state of Florida, appears to have the jump on him, “For some of y’all who don’t “get” Rick Wilson, he doesn’t believe Trump is a threat to democracy, or compromised by Russia, or an insurrectionist. He knows Trump isn’t going to jail. He never believed there was a pee tape. This is a game to him. Nothing more.”

“He doesn’t lie awake at night worried Trump might win again (that would be his wildest dream coming true). He doesn’t think Trump is a Nazi racist or a homophobe. Wilson & pals are con artists. Their latest con is Act Blue diehards. The more he whips them into a panic, the better,” she wrote, suggesting that the veteran grifter has perfectly sized up Act Blue Democrats as the gullible chumps and suckers that they are.

“His whole career has been about making bombastic ads to incite emotion like fear or anger in the viewer. He found it was easy to make Trump a boogy man to Democrats and convince them he was trying to steal their country. The money came pouring in,” she added, opining on the ease with Wilson has been able to fleece his liberal marks.

Just Mindy predicted that Wilson will now reap the financial benefits of DeSantis-phobia, a boom market fresh for tapping, “DeSantis will be his next target. He’s already started. His hope is they can defame DeSantis enough that he will lose the primary because Trump is an easier mark for them. He’s more reactive and less displaced. He plays antagonist to their white knight way better.”

“But he also has to start laying the ground for a campaign against DeSantis because if Trump were to lose, they have to keep the money flowing in. Just like he lied about having opp about a Cruz affair during 2016. He always has a back up villain,” she added.

Than to prove her points, Just Mindy posted an example of what sort of material that the Lincoln Project flim-flam man has been retweeting as he tries to burnish his credibility with leftists eager to be swindled.

Some may be forced to grudgingly acknowledge that for all of his misgivings, Wilson has a real talent for sniffing out income opportunities with Democrats and others who suffer from late-stage Trump Derangement syndrome and would be better served if they spent their money on therapy instead of lining his pockets.

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