BLM co-founder slams Taylor Swift fans as racist, links Chief’s Super Bowl win to ‘white-supremacist’

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles chapter has spent the last two weeks stuck on Taylor Swift.

Melina Abdullah, who teaches Pan-African Studies at Cal State University Los Angeles, began a bizarre series of X posts on Super Bowl Sunday by calling Swifties, as Swift’s fans are known, “racist.”

“Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?” Abdullah wrote.

Asked why she would think such a thing, Abdullah dug her hole deeper.

“I said FEEL, not think,” the passive-aggressive activist replied. “Kind of like that feeling I get when there are too many American flags.”

Following the Kansas City Chief’s win, Abdullah doubled-down on the crazy.

“Why do I feel like this was some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy?!?!” she exclaimed. “Booooooo!!!!”

After making her racist remarks, Abdullah played the victim.

“Folks think they’re attacking me by asking for why I think everything is racist…” she wrote. “I’m not offended. Virtually everything is racist.”

No, it’s not a parody account.

We checked.

And, on Feb. 23, Abdullah again clutched her pearls, after a Texas man allegedly pushed back against her hate-filled claims in a threatening voicemail.

“How dare you throw out the racist ideas you throw out on a daily basis?” the man, who identified himself as Ethan George, demanded to know.

“I hope you f**king die,” the unhinged man shouted.

“If this is what a tweet about [Taylor Swift] fans being ‘slightly racist’ brings, I’ll edit myself…: Abdullah wrote. “Y’all are full-fledged violent white-delusionists.”

The caller was enraged not because she was spewing race-baiting lies, but because journalists found the blatant anti-white posts from a university professor newsworthy.

“Here’s the thing…” she stated. “When fake ass journalists from right-wing outlets turn tweets into news, they spur actual violent responses from their idiotic white-delusionist followers.”

“And they actually pay you for this ignorance!!!!” one user exclaimed. “I would suggest some self-awareness b/c you make yourself look like a damn fool [and I don’t like Swift].”


Melissa Fine


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