‘Bobby’s in danger, you know?’ Aaron Rodgers fears for RFK Jr.: ‘We know the CIA and FBI were involved’

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has publicly endorsed Independent Robert Kennedy Jr. for president, but he fears the controversial candidate’s life is in danger.

“I’m going to support Bobby and keep spreading the message,” Rodgers said during a lengthy interview on the popular “I Can Fly” podcast.

“The two-party system that we got in place doesn’t work, hasn’t been working, hasn’t been working really since JFK was in office, and we need somebody who’s willing to lay it on the line,” he explained.

And then the conversation took a turn on the tin foil highway.

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“That’s what I love about Bobby,” Rodgers said. “Think about it. They killed his uncle. They killed his dad. We know the CIA was involved, right? I mean, they can’t declassify it because it’s so damning.”

“We know the FBI was involved,” he continued. “[J. Edgar] Hoover hated the Kennedys. Hated them. Allen Dulles was fired as director of CIA after he botched the Bay of Pigs and tried to get Operation Northwoods to happen, to literally start World War III and invade Cuba. He was fired.”

“He was on the f**king Warren Commission, Allen Dulles was,” the NFL star said, “as was Gerald Ford, who was the right-hand man to J. Edgar Hoover, who hated the Kennedys. Like, we know they’re involved.”

“Bobby,” Rodgers said, is laying it all “on the line.”

“So Bobby loses his uncle, JFK, his father, RFK. His cousin dies in a plane crash when he was running against Hillary Clinton,” he reminded listeners. “I’m not saying that was a conspiracy, but it’s kind of a weird coincidence.”

“Bobby’s in danger, you know?” he said. “Like he’s putting himself on the line. Why? Because he f**king believes in this country. He believes in this country. He believes in the good in people and he believes he can make a difference.

“That’s somebody I can get behind who’s willing to lay it on the line.”

As BizPac Review reported, Rodgers was at one point on Kennedy’s shortlist as a potential running mate, along with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and “Dirty Jobs” legend, Mike Rowe.

Those conservatives who may have been on the fence about the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee likely ran back aboard the Trump train after Kennedy announced California-based attorney Nicole Shanahan as his running mate.

The former wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Shanahan was a big supporter of Pete Buttigieg and President Biden and funded Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

For being mentioned as a potential veep, Rodgers said he was “attacked” by a “terrified” media.

“I got mentioned as a finalist to be, you know, Vice President on a ticket and they f**king attacked me with some bizarre story from years ago,” he said. “There was a third-hand account or something.”

“They’re terrified,” he explained. “They’re terrified of people that think for themselves, that aren’t controlled.”

“I’m not beholden to anybody,” Rodgers stated. “I have a contract. I can get cut at any point. I have very few sponsors now. They’re all people that I really believe in and there’s some sort of equity investment in it. But I’m not controlled. Nobody controls my messaging. Nobody controlling my social media. Nobody can control me.”

“You know, I think for myself,” he said. “I speak for myself. And that’s dangerous to an establishment that wants more power, control and obedience.”

Melissa Fine


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