Bodycam released of mouthy Atlanta judge arrested for battery against a cop

In Atlanta, a judge previously found guilty of “systemic incompetence” wound up in the back of a police car mouthing off at law enforcement after alleged battery of a cop.

Warning: Language

(Video Credit: Atlanta Police Department)

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade weren’t alone in causing a stir in Fulton County, Georgia after a probate judge from neighboring Douglas County found herself in handcuffs early Thursday morning, refusing to identify herself to police. As seen in bodycam footage released by the Atlanta Police Department, 38-year-old Judge Christina Peterson remained uncooperative with authorities after she allegedly struck one, insisting they “Google” her.

According to a statement from the APD, an off-duty officer had spotted security escorting a woman out of a club after 3 a.m. while working an extra job and he stepped in to help. It was then that Peterson was believed to have interceded on behalf of the woman, later said to be one Alexandria Love, supposedly pushing an officer multiple times.

In the video, the judge could be heard repeatedly shouting, “Let her f*cking go,” before appearing to make contact with the cop, promptly landing her in cuffs while onlookers shouted, “That’s a cop.”

From the backseat of the police vehicle, she was then heard refusing to provide her name, “I don’t care. You don’t need identification. You have picked up dead bodies when you don’t know whose bodies it was, but you picked them up. Take me where you need to take me.”

“Don’t play with me. Play with your momma. Play with somebody else… You can Google me and find me anywhere in America,” she said at another point before snapping while being escorted, “Shut the f*ck up. You look like a n***** who [inaudible].”

“While assisting security and attempting to de-escalate the situation, an unidentified female, later identified as 38-year-old Christina Peterson rushed toward the commotion and immediately started screaming at the security guard and the officer. Ms. Peterson then forcibly pushed the officer in the chest and kept swiping his hands away as he attempted to assist the female being escorted out,” read the statement from the police.

“Ms. Peterson pushed the officer in the chest again and that is when she was subsequently placed into custody,” it continued. “The arresting officer attempted several times to obtain the female suspect’s identifying information for processing purposes, however, she refused to cooperate. This caused a delay in the officer transporting her to jail.”

Arrest warrants were obtained for “Simple Battery Against a Police Officer and Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer. Ms. Peterson was transported to the Fulton County Jail for processing and taken into their custody without incident.”

During a press conference, Peterson’a attorney Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington, Jr. insisted on wrongdoing by the police as he alleged, “The cover-up is always worse than the initial mistake.”

“We already see inconsistencies in the officer’s statements,” he claimed. “We know the information that was provided to the judge is being changed or updated.”

“There’s no punching or hitting of any officers,” Arrington further contended while referencing cellphone video.

Meanwhile, Love defended Peterson and claimed the judge had merely been interceding when a dispute had started on a line for a food truck outside the club where it had parked, “He viciously attacked me, punched me in my face and Judge Peterson was the only one to help me.”

Fox 5 Atlanta reported in April that a judicial panel found Peterson guilty of “systemic incompetence” and recommended her removal for ignoring courthouse rules, abusing courthouse personnel, making inappropriate social media posts, and repeatedly failing to do her job.

Following her Thursday arrest, she was released on a $5,000 bond and ordered not to contact law enforcement.

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