Bomb-throwing ‘squad’ member getting clobbered by 22 points in new Dem primary poll

A new poll could be bad news for Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) who is being clobbered by 22 points by her rival in this summer’s Democrat primary, a sign that voters may be tiring of her antics.

Bush, a bomb-throwing Black Lives Matter activist, was elected to Congress in 2020 and quickly settled in as a member of the smack-talking pack of left-wingers known as “The Squad” but now could be on her way out amid ethical and legal issues as well as her anti-Semitic rhetoric over Israel’s war on the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

According to the Remington Research poll, Bush is currently lagging behind St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell who is running on a more positive vision than the burn it all down approach of BLM and their political enablers.

“It’s a big red flag for far-left Squad lawmakers,” wrote Jewish Insider Josh Kraushar on X, sharing a screenshot of the poll.

“Squad” members have drawn strong criticism for their parroting of Hamas talking points and spewing vengeful rhetoric that pushes the buttons of the Jew-haters that now comprise a sizeable chunk of the Democrat base, a predictable evolution once the party began to invite the likes of Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MO) into the tent and then effectively sanctioned their anti-Semitism by refusing to mete out discipline with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi bearing much of the responsibility.

(Video: YouTube/KSDK)

The loudmouthed lawmaker’s racially charged diatribes, demands for $14 trillion in reparations and attacks on the Israeli government were likely enough for sensible voters but her recent legal problems only further contribute to the case against her.

The congresswoman is currently under criminal investigation by the Justice Department over the misuse of campaign funds to pay for security with money allegedly being improperly doled out to her husband. Bush has been a vocal critic of law enforcement and like many other Democrats, has advocated for the defunding of the police.

“Since before I was sworn into office, I have endured relentless threats to my physical safety and life. As a rank-and-file member of Congress, I am not entitled to personal protection by the House, and instead have used campaign funds as permissible to retain security services,” she said in a statement after the news broke.

Bush who denies any wrongdoing is fully cooperating with the feds.

A thoroughly shameless race-hustler, Bush recently likened herself to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

The poll shows that there is a limit to how much nonsense the public is willing to swallow from “The Squad” and their siding with terrorists who massacred over 1,000 Israelis in civilian areas on October 7, 2023 could prove to be the undoing of more than one of the left-wing activists who have no place in Congress.

Chris Donaldson


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