Brazen teens break into NBA team’s new $2B arena, dare to post TikTok video of their antics

A couple of teenagers will likely live to regret the day that they thought that it would be a good idea to break into an NBA team’s new $2 billion arena and then post video footage of their trespassing to social media.

In the video, the two juveniles are seen as they gain access to the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, CA, the future home of the Los Angeles Clippers which is still under construction with completion expected later this year.

The incriminating footage that was posted on Thursday shows the young men as they enter into the uncompleted venue and walk around, at one point breaking out a basketball and shooting hoops as one of the individuals who is wearing LA Lakers pants and Crocs letting loose with a fire extinguisher.

They are also shown brazenly goofing off on the arena’s roof after climbing the rafters in the roughly minute and half video captioned “Breaking into Clippers stadium” that was posted to TikTok.

“Posting this is crazy,” commented one user who opined on the wisdom of the self-incriminatory trespassing video.

The Clippers stadium video was also posted to X, formerly Twitter, drawing reactions from users.

“It will be very clear to these young men — and to people who are TikTok followers — that you have a moment of TikTok greatness followed by a little bit of misery. And so we don’t play around with these things,” said Inglewood Mayor James E. Butts of the duo’s mischief.

“We know who the young men are. We have identified them and their parents, and they will be talked to probably tomorrow or the next day,” Mayor Butts said.

“It’s unfortunate. They’re doing it as a thrill. But they’re putting their lives at risk,” Intuit Dome construction worker Walter Zuniga said, according to Eyewitness News 7. “If you haven’t been trained … especially at night… not knowing what’s behind you, you could fall into a trench. It could even cost your life.”

“When you have construction sites, they’re nuisances and they attract kids and they attract people who want to steal tools,” Mayor Butts said. “The fact of the matter is, that’s what happens when you build a major project.”

According to police, there were no signs of vandalism in the stadium. It is not clear if the juveniles were charged with trespassing — a misdemeanor in California — but could face up to 6 months in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Chris Donaldson


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