Chaos reigns in Chicago as ‘teen takeover’ turns deadly

A large gathering of teens in Chicago turned deadly this weekend, leaving one teenager dead and another wounded.

The gathering grew violent around 7:40 pm Saturday evening when, after hearing two shots being fired, officers “found two victims with gunshot wounds in the parking lot of a bank when they arrived on the scene,” according to local station WFLD.

“A 17-year-old boy was transported to Stroger Hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest and neck and was pronounced dead. A 15-year-old boy was also transported to Stroger Hospital. He was shot in the leg and listed in fair condition,” according to the station.

See scenes from the altercation below:

One person is reportedly now in custody. It’s not clear if it’s the same person seen in the video above.

This incident comes almost exactly a year after another large gathering of teens in downtown Chicago turned violent, leaving two shot.

The teens reportedly came out to riot/protest against not being allowed into Millennium Park. Meanwhile, as the teens jumped on cars and smashed their windows, two other teens nearby were shot non-fatally and taken to a hospital for treatment.

“Police said a 16-year-old boy was shot in the arm, and a 17-year-old boy was shot in the leg. Both victims were transported to Northwestern Hospital in fair condition,” local station WLS reported.

“It’s heartbreaking, kids fighting, chasing each other, some of them got guns. It’s really heartbreaking when one of them actually gets hurt, and that’s unfortunate, happened last night,” a witness who saw the chaos unfold told local station WMAQ.

Meanwhile, a woman whose car was smashed up by the teens told local station WFLD that her husband was beaten up as he sat in the driver’s seat.

“The crowd was trying to get into Millennium Park, but there are checkpoints around the perimeter and people under 21 are not allowed without an adult,” WFLD notes.

Why were they trying to get into the park so late? They’d seen “flyers posted on social media for a meetup of teens,” according to WMAQ.

Cellphone video obtained by WMAQ reportedly showed a Tesla fully engulfed.

“It was a car, they were standing on multiple cars, standing on cars, and one of the cars just kept driving in circles, which I believe that’s the one that caught on fire, they set on fire,” a witness said.

The most recent shooting incident comes about a week after Mayor Brandon Johnson cancelled a contract with a company that had been helping police fight crime.

The company, SoundThinking, operates ShotSpotter, a savvy technology that alerts police to nearby gunfire.

Despite the technology’s usefulness, pro-criminal leftists complained that it somehow had a disproportionate effect on black communities, and so Johnson promised while campaigning for mayor that he’d ax it.

But instead of outright axing it, he decided last month to extend the contract until right after the Democrat National Convention, which is scheduled to occur in Chicago in late August.

All this is happening in the backdrop of a crime epidemic so severe even little children as young as 13 are involved.

For example, last week local authorities arrested a 13-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy for allegedly robbing a woman at gunpoint.

“According to Chicago police, the two juveniles robbed a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint in the 6400 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive around 5 p.m. Wednesday. The 16-year-old boy then allegedly battered the victim with a weapon,” WFLD reported.

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