Brit Hume offers smart analysis on Biden’s radical swing left to escape Barack Obama’s shadow

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his top-rated program, Tucker Carlson Tonight, with a focus on the Democratic Party pushing for a “transformative voting rights bill,” saying this is their top legislative priority.

“At its heart, the bill would give the federal government the power to control how elections are conducted across the country,” Carlson explained, before shifting his focus to President Joe Biden and his efforts to bully the opposition into supporting voting rights legislation that amounts to a Democratic power grab, accusing those who don’t get on board of being racists in a furtherance of a previous claim that Republicans were going to put black Americans “back in chains.”

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume was brought in to access how Biden has come to embrace an agenda being pushed by the radical left base of the party.

“This is the Democratic Party top legislative goal, I don’t think anything is even close, why are they so focused on this so-called voting rights bill, Carlson asked.

“Well, first of all, it pleases the base and Biden has been kind of a slave to the left-wing base since he became president,” Hume said. “It’s also something that, if enacted, would enshrine in law the much loosened voter regulations that prevailed during the pandemic election year of 2020 and it would make it easier for people to vote — easier for people who don’t particularly want to vote to vote, or easier to get them to vote.”

“It would also interfere with that security measures such as voter Id and other such measures, which are widely supported by the American public,” he continued. “If you look at this piece by piece, it’s not really a set of very popular measures. But it plays well with the base and Biden wants to do it. To see this, we need to drill down a little deeper. How did this happen? How did Joe Biden get himself into this predicament?”

Carlson interjected to suggest that Biden has always been seen as more of a moderate.

Hume explained that when Biden was elected, Democrats held a slim margins in the House and the GOP controlled the Senate, before noting that Democrats would then take control of the upper chamber by the narrowest of possible margins when they swept the two seats up for grabs in the special elections in Georgia.

“That is what’s got visions of historic sugar plums dancing in Joe Biden’s head. So this guy who was on his way in having to deal with a Republican Senate and the kind of moderate, center-left politics that he practice for most of his career went out the window in favor of this agenda that he has embarked on ever since,” he said. “It hasn’t worked well, he’s now widely unpopular and his party is unpopular — they look like they’re going to have potentially staggering losses and he’s out doing this. He doesn’t seem to know how to change course… it may be too late.”

In effect, he was suggesting that Biden was sidetracked by the notion of power, as Carlson noted.

“That little power that he thought could be converted into some sort of historic swing,” Hume explained. “I think he’s always felt that he was under the shadow of the great Barack Obama and, I think there is reason to believe Barack Obama didn’t take him seriously. Obama is famously quoted as saying you should never underestimate the ability of Joe to ‘F’ things up. Well, Afghanistan and you go down the list, things are pretty ‘F’ up in this particular administration and he’s got inflation running out of control and so on.”

“[Biden] seems at sea and what he continues to do is to try to press forward with this agenda and most of his party seem willing to go along with it,” he then concluded, “although there are a few holdouts and in this tightly controlled Congress, it only takes a few to mockup his agenda.”

Tom Tillison


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