Brit Hume shades Lara Trump over Maryland governor rebuke: ‘It’s political malpractice’

Fox News Chief Political Analyst Brit Hume is accustomed to the politics of old, the same type of politics that delivered Republicans like Sens. Susan Collins from Maine and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska — the question being is a liberal Republican better than an actual Democrat?

Hume, 80, took issue with Republican National Committee co-Chairwoman Lara Trump blasting former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) for calling on Americans to “respect” a Manhattan jury’s verdict against former President Donald Trump in his criminal hush money show trial.

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Hogan is the GOP’s nominee for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, and Hume suggested that Trump’s daughter-in-law was not playing “smart” politics.

Fox News guest host John Roberts asked Hume during a Monday segment of Special Report, “Does it make sense to kneecap somebody who might just get you the Senate?”

“No, it’s political malpractice,” Hume replied. “Maryland is a very blue state. And Larry Hogan, who remained popular as a Republican governor and remains that way to this day, is giving the Republican Party the best chance it’s had in a long time to elect a Republican to the Senate. And the Lara Trumps of the world ought to be saying, ‘Please, Mr. Hogan, Please, Governor Hogan, you do whatever you have to do to get elected.’”

“That’s how politics is played by smart people,” he added.

After blaming the former president for the GOP losing two seats in Georgia in run-off elections in early 2021, and subsequently control of the Senate, Hume said, “So, let’s hope that Trump… doesn’t repeat the same mistake this time. If you’re a Republican, you should hope that because that’s what could happen with this kind of stupid stuff.”

Hogan offered his remarks before the verdict was announced in what many Republicans see as a rigged trial, citing the “rule of law,” and Lara Trump was asked Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union if the RNC supports his Senate run.

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing — I don’t support what he just said there,” she replied. “I think it’s ridiculous and I think anybody who’s not speaking up in the face of really something that should never again have seen the light of day at trial, that would never have been brought against any other person aside from Donald Trump, doesn’t deserve the respect of anyone.”

When pressed on her remark that Hogan doesn’t deserve respect, Lara Trump doubled down, “He doesn’t deserve the respect of anyone in the Republican Party at this point. And quite frankly, anybody in America, if that’s the way you feel. That’s very upsetting.”

Asked if that meant the RNC was ceding the Senate seat in Maryland to the Democrats, she said, “What I will tell you is that we, of course, want to win as a party, but that is a shame and I think [Logan] should have thought hard and long before he said that.”

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