DEI trainer has radical views on American flag, says educators who ‘resist’ CRT ‘do not belong’

The CEO behind a consulting firm peddling Marxist ideologies to school districts reportedly has radical views about the American flag and what should happen to employees who don’t toe the line on DEI.

“If someone continues to resist that culture or climate after multiple interruptions, then you know they do not belong.”

Corporate media took great lengths to downplay Critical Race Theory as little more than a topic of discussion within the halls of academia. Now, as conservative leaders are seeking to purge woke leftist tenets like CRT and diversity, equity, and inclusion, Fox News is reporting that a consulting firm working with the largest school district in northern California was led by a trainer who described Old Glory as a symbol of “hate” and “extremism.”

According to the report from Fox News, while the video featuring Epoch Education CEO Dr. Nancy Dome criticizing the American flag has been taken down, her record shows how she believed opponents to CRT were a “poison to culture and climate.”

“So what happens when you face someone who’s actually resistant, doesn’t believe White privilege or inequity exists?” she wrote in her 2022 book, “Let’s Talk About Race.”

“If someone continues to resist that culture or climate after multiple interruptions, then you know they do not belong,” stated Dome. “If you continue showing up compassionately to conversations but the other person refuses to give as much as they get, then sometimes that relationship is simply not a worthwhile use of your energy. Divorce can be a form of repair if you’ve made every attempt but simply cannot find a way for the relationship to move forward. If a team member isn’t willing to adjust … then the repair may be to remove them from the team or organization.”

“I got to a point where I’m like, ‘this is insane. I’m not taking any more of these trainings.’ I actually asked the district, ‘What happens if I don’t take the trainings?’ and they refused to tell me. So they actually won’t tell me the consequences, just that they’re mandated,” explained Isaac Newman, a teacher from California’s Elk Grove Unified School District which has nearly 70 schools teaching students K-12.

He further told Fox News Digital, “What’s shocking is in these DEI trainings, they actually call out colorblindness and meritocracy. And of course, if you’re dedicated to that, well, then you’re going to have division, and you’re going to have mediocrity.”

One video specifically cited work on Critical Race Theory from Seattle University School of Law’s Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic who wrote, “Liberalism as a framework for addressing America’s racial problems, specifically, colorblindness, the neutrality of law, and incremental change, are insufficient to create meaningful change. Because racism is embedded in our thought processes and social structures, aggressive, color-conscious efforts are required to change the way things are.”

Fox News highlighted a “color line” exercise from Dome that scored employees on a scale of 0-125 from most oppressed to most privileged, “Once the scores are calculated, participants line up in the room according to their numbers, creating a powerful representation of the color line. It’s called the color line because almost without exception, the darkest people in the room will be closest to zero.”

Dome’s “color line” was said to have been derived from the 1989 essay, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” by anti-racist activist and feminist Peggy McIntosh. That same essay inspired the curriculum for students at Ohio State University.

“Whiteness protected me from many kinds of hostility, distress, and violence,” wrote McIntosh, “which I was being subtly trained to visit, in turn, upon people of color.”

An article she had posted to LinkedIn in June 2023 contrasted equality, “one of those lofty ideals we’ve been hearing about since elementary school,” with equity, “the idea that everyone should get what they need, even if that’s different from what someone else gets.”

Through her logic, Dome pushed the idea that handouts were a deterrent to theft because, “if you live in my community and you’re starving, there’s a good chance that one day you’re going to end up stealing from me (or someone else in the community) just to survive.”

Including Elk Grove Unified School District, Epoch Education boasts five school districts as clients, accounting for tens of thousands of students as well as the U.S. Department of Education.

Kevin Haggerty


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