Bud Light sponsors raunchy Toronto Pride parade that featured naked men, and that’s not all

Masochism may well be Anheuser-Busch’s favorite kink under the rainbow umbrella as they continued to be “a proud partner” of a Toronto event that allowed naked men to reportedly parade around children.

While Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary Adm. Rachel Levine has called for a “Summer of Pride,” the final official weekend of the hedonist month was celebrated with public nudity from coast to coast. Billions in estimated losses evidently hadn’t soured the flavor of “Pride” for Bud Light after their Dylan Mulvaney debacle and they once again were a vocal supporter of deviancy and outright criminal behavior.

Video captured by The Post Millennial’s Beth Baisch showed the prominence of Bud Light’s sponsorship of “Pride Toronto” as revelers outfitted with the brand’s merchandise marched behind a float with at least one child visible within their midst.

More footage from Baisch revealed that the event attended by people of all ages also included a large collection of nudists marching along the route adorned with nothing but footwear, headwear and signs proclaiming “Mere Nudity Is Not Porn,” “Free Yourself From Social Norms” and “Accept Your Natural Self.”

The irony of the latter post, considering the prominence of transgenderism in the current alphabet soup, seemed to be overlooked by the skinny dipping enthusiasts parading in front of minors. Furthermore, the nudity was only part of the lewd displays as one clip also captured a man adorned in a penis costume marching in front of a stroller-riding young girl.

While Bud Light hadn’t stopped their promotion of “Pride” stateside, having sponsored the Cincinnati Pride Parade after the backlash of sponsoring social media influencer Mulvaney, they had toned down the woke marketing that had landed multiple executives on the chopping block.

In fact, as the beer brand celebrated naked neighbors to the north, Bud Light ended its social media blackout and returned to Twitter with a smattering of advertisements aimed at forgetting the nearly three months of boycotts.

Unveiling a new can to go along with their tenth anniversary of sponsoring “Pride Toronto” probably wasn’t going to do them any favors in attempting to win back customers lost through the offensive marketing partnerships.

“Bud Light Canada has been a proud partner of Pride Toronto for the last 10 years. This year, we’re commemorating this milestone with Pride Toronto by featuring them on our can design, as well as continuing as the official beer sponsor of the festival,” the beverage company wrote on its website.

“As a brand, Bud Light Canada is excited to once again celebrate and support the LGBTQIA2S+ community through Pride Toronto’s annual pride celebration and parade,” the statement went on noting, “In 2023, Bud Light Canada is also providing a total of $100,000 to various organizations supporting the LGBTQIA2S+ community across Canada.”

Image: Bud Light Canada

For those who may be left thinking the nudity was an isolated incident that happened in another country, Seattle, Washington, and New York, New York held their own prominent rainbow gatherings over the weekend which also featured naked adults interacting with kids and an accompanying chant that declared, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”

Kevin Haggerty


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