‘But wait, there’s more!’ Musk turns up the heat on Disney’s discriminatory ‘DEI Gestapo’, Iger remains mum

In the wake of nothing short of a declaration of war from Elon Musk against the Walt Disney Company over its allegedly discriminatory “Inclusion Standards,” Disney CEO Bob Iger, who Musk famously told to “go f**k yourself,” has decided to keep his thoughts to himself.

Asked on CNBC’s “Closing Bell: Overtime” if he had a response to Musk’s offer to fund lawsuits against Disney brought by any employee, Iger flatly replied, “None.”

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A public feud that began with Iger pulling advertising from X in response to what he claimed was Musk’s anti-Semitism and escalated with Musk publicly inviting Iger to “go f**k yourself” may soon explode in a courtroom following an offer by Musk to help fund discrimination lawsuits from disgruntled Disney employees.

After receiving a copy of Disney’s purported Inclusion Standards from an “anonymous source,” Musk blasted the Magic Kingdom’s “mandatory, institutionalized racism and sexism.”

“If you were discriminated against by Disney or its subsidiaries (ABC, ESPN, Marvel, etc), just reply to this post to receive legal support,” the billionaire entrepreneur stated on X.

Also on Tuesday, former “Mandalorian” star Gina Carano expressed her gratitude to Musk on X for “giving me an opportunity to bring my case to light.”

Carano has sued The Walt Disney Co. and Lucasfilm over her wrongful firing from the series in 2021.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Musk renewed his attack on “Disney’s DEI Gestapo,” revealing more of what he calls the media giant’s “full racist, sexist, etc discriminatory set of laws.”

“But wait,” Musk exclaimed, “there’s more!”

“We are proud of the Inclusion Standards as a reflection of our commitment to promoting inclusivity for underrepresented groups in our industry, and of our role as a leader in this work,” the attached document reads. “To that end, we are happy to share our Inclusion Standards with others in the industry, including with third-party content creators with whom we partner. We can also share resources and learnings with them and others who are engaging in similar work.”

“While we do not require or insist that our third-party content partners adopt the Inclusion Standards, we can make them aware that the Inclusion Standards are an important expression of Disney’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups in our industry,” Disney adds, “and that it is equally important for us to work with external partners whose own efforts reflect this commitment.”

The message is clear: Disney won’t “insist” the companies comply with their DEI demands, but they probably shouldn’t bank on a paycheck from them if they don’t.

“No wonder most of their content produced over the past several years has sucked,” Musk stated. “Just trying to navigate the DEI minefield is going to crush the creative process!”

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, “the world’s richest man appeared at the premiere of independent-drama Lola in Los Angeles alongside Nelson Peltz on Sunday.”

“Peltz is attempting to grab Disney board seats and wants him and former Disney chief financial officer Jay Rasulo to replace current directors Michael Froman and Maria Elena Lagomasino,” the outlet dishes.

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