But, we can’t have straws? Here’s how lefty protesters left UCLA campus…

The UCLA campus was left in shambles after police cleared out protesters who had erected a pro-Palestinian encampment and refused to leave.

Over 130 people were arrested according to the California Highway Patrol after officers in riot gear tore into the plywood, tents and other materials used to build up the encampment. Pro-Palestine agitators were evidently planning to stay a while as many brought supplies to sustain themselves during the protest.

But the leftists crying solidarity with Palestine in the Israel war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza seemed to have no regard for any other progressive agenda as the aftermath of their actions showed in stunning images.

The shocking video and photos of trash, tents, food, and other items left by the “fraud environmentalists” set off a wave of criticism on social media.

Many called out the hypocrisy of the Gen Z leftists.

Others suggested creative ways to make restitution.

Frieda Powers


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