By land and sea: Illegal immigrants seen storming Newport Beach, Calif

By land and by sea, illegal immigrants are coming to Joe Biden’s America. By the millions.

The Democratic Party’s efforts to alter the face of America — literally — while moving away from the Judeo-Christian values the nation was founded on is proving to be more successful than their wildest dreams, despite shocking images occurring almost daily.

The latest example of the unchecked flow of foreign nationals who don’t respect our laws, don’t share our values, and have few plans to assimilate was seen in a video taken in Orange County, California.

“Approximately two dozen migrants were caught on film unloading off a boat in NEWPORT BEACH Thursday morning on the tip of the Balboa Peninsula and fleeing into the neighborhood,” OC Liberator tweeted while sharing the footage.

The illegal immigrants on the boat brazenly waltzed right into the U.S. without little worry, though they moved with haste while leaving the boat docked at the marina unattended — which is a good indication that it was stolen.

A white van can be seen slowing down as the party storms ashore, but the video cuts before anything else happens.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said maritime smuggling incidents in California steadily rose from 308 in 2020 to 736 last year, according to the Daily Mail.

“Maritime smuggling is up, and although our Harbor Patrol works to interdict vessels trafficking drugs and people, state restrictions on communications with federal partners hinder our efforts,” he said. “The state should repeal laws that restrict communication with our federal partners.”

One thing is certain, there is massive money being made in human trafficking, which is a free-for-all under President Biden. The drug cartels in Mexico are making a fortune, and women and children are being widely trafficked for sex work.

Another certainty is that the number of “gotaways,” people who avoid any detection before entering the U.S., is in the hundreds of thousands, if not more. It’s impossible to say how sex offenders have entered the country, not to mention terrorists. FBI Director Chris Wary told Congress in December he is seeing “blinking lights everywhere” when it comes to the threat of terrorism.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on the social media platform X:

Tom Tillison


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