Drone footage shows anti-Israel protesters training for COMBAT ahead of police: ‘Soy boys to the rescue!’

Anti-Israel protesters at UCLA received ostensible combat training a day before the police finally shut down their radical encampment.

Drone footage from UCLA’s anti-Israel encampment recorded Tuesday showed students in a circle as two students in the center practiced/demonstrated certain fighting moves.


The “Dealing with Cops” workshop was put together by the UCLA Palestine Solidarity Encampment, according to the New York Post.

“One of the demonstrators showed off the proper form students should take in a fight that protects their faces, with the man showing how the stance helps block a punch,” the Post notes. “Another man appeared to show how easily a person could be knocked back after their leg is grabbed.”

There was just one problem: According to critics, the punk kids and “soy boys” barely stood a chance against the police.

The following day, the school declared that the encampment was “unlawful and violates university policy.” Later that evening, pro-Israel supporters showed up to counter-protest.

“Just before midnight, a large group of counter-demonstrators, wearing black outfits and white masks, arrived on campus and tried to tear down the barricades surrounding the encampment,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Reportedly “holding lumber and wearing goggles and helmets,” the pro-Hamas students then sought to defend their camp.

What proceeded afterward was hours of skirmishes involving objects being thrown, fireworks being set off, and pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters duking it out.

It took law enforcement hours to respond, mainly because the school didn’t request their help until some time after midnight. But when law enforcement did finally arrive, they arrested all the protesters and officially shut down the camp.

The students at UCLA weren’t the only ones who tried to take on the police. So did the students at Portland State University.

Watch below as Portland State University students equipped with bicycle helmets and makeshift shields tried to RUSH the police — yes, the POLICE.


To say that these fools triggered mockery would be a gross understatement.

Below is just a small sample of the mockery:

The ridiculousness even earned its own hilarious commentary. Enjoy!

Vivek Saxena


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