California sheriff jokes about ‘changing teams’ while urging voters to ‘put a felon in the White House’

Recent events prompted a California sheriff known for standing against the “radical progressive agenda” to announce “I’m gonna change teams.”

“I think it’s time we put a felon in the White House.”

The Golden State’s fondness for soft-on-crime policies and its embrace of Marxist ideologies like Critical Race Theory, all while taxing success stories into oblivion, has arguably made its government one of the leading promoters of moving truck rentals. Considering the state’s proclivities toward lawlessness, conservative Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco embraced the new “Outlaw” moniker of former President Donald Trump with a bold endorsement.

“Hello California,” began the sheriff of the state’s fourth largest county in full uniform as he touted that for three decades he’s worked to, “keep our community safe by arresting criminals and putting them in jail and putting them in prison, keeping them out of our neighborhoods.”

After laying out how the left stood against that, Bianco declared, “I think I’m gonna change teams.”

“I think they’re on to something, but I don’t think they’re doing enough,” he continued referring to leftist lawmakers. “I think it’s time we put a felon in the White House.”

In his own words, the sheriff detailed, “For the last five years I’ve been very critical about our governor for slashing our budgets from corrections, for letting prisoners out early, for closing our prisons. I’ve been critical of our state legislature for passing laws to make it harder to put people in prison. I’ve been critical for their changing laws that let prisoners out early. And I’ve been critical of our attorney general for seemingly not caring about crime and really being an embarrassment to law enforcement.”

Having previously teased a bid for California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) job with the incumbent termed out at the end of his current administration, Bianco slammed the left’s “belief that criminals are not responsible for their own actions.”

“They’re a victim of society and really it’s our fault, it’s society’s fault, it’s businesses’ fault… it’s cops’ fault — it might be my fault,” he railed before turning on the notion of systemic racism taking the blame for crime statistics.

Earlier this year, Bianco spoke at a press conference that put “public safety over politics” and decried, “Crime is steadily on the rise and our public safety policy is one of the worst, if not the worst in the nation.”

“I wanna make this clear and I want there to be no mistake in what I am saying,” he continued. “This is not by accident.”

“The driving force in our crisis is a radical progressive agenda fraudulently called ‘criminal justice reform.’ This is nothing short of a sick and twisted social experiment where law enforcement is the bad guy and criminals are somehow victims of society and not responsible for their actions, their crimes, or accountable to their countless victims,” the sheriff went on before citing laws that impacted prison populations and prosecutions.

Concluding his take on electing a felon, something track records suggested the left would embrace, Bianco left no room for doubt that he was referring to Trump and the verdict in his New York criminal case when he signed off prompting cheers from the right, “Trump 2024, baby. Let’s save this country and make America great again.”

Kevin Haggerty


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