Campos-Duffy walks into a taxpayer-funded secret NGO migrant hotel and WOW!

Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy encountered heavy resistance after she boldly confronted workers in an unmarked building in Arizona who refused to answer her questions about whether they were housing migrants.

Following up on a tip, the “Fox & Friends Weekend” host arrived at a “Casa Alitas” building in Tuscon, Ariz. which had removed exterior signs and did not take kindly to her attempt to get answers about the mission of the facility. In a video posted to social media, Campos-Duffy was seen engaging with workers and, in a follow-up video, reported her cameraman being physically accosted and assaulted by security.

Campos-Duffy and her team were repeatedly asked to leave and one woman threatened to call the police, a move that the Fox News host welcomed and encouraged in the initial video.

“What you’re seeing is basically an unmarked building, all signage is removed,” she reported in the video posted Monday. “That’s the first sign you know that this is an NGO, non-governmental organization.”

“Is this where illegals are being housed with government funding?” Campos-Duffy asked a woman behind a counter who informed her she was on “private property” as she directed a security guard to remove her.

“Please call them,” Campos-Duffy said when the woman said she would call the police.

“This is an NGO paid for by government money,” Campos-Duffy said as another woman arrived to tell the Fox News host and her team to leave the premises. The woman could be seen covering her name tag after the “Casa Alitas” name was pointed out.

“Why so much secrecy? That’s what the American people want to understand. Why?” Campos-Duffy asked to no avail as the woman pointed to the door, saying, “You guys cannot come into our shelter.”

In another video, Campos-Duffy explained what happened when she and her crew returned.

“We returned this morning on a tip that more illegals would be dropped off. What happened next was INSANE,” she wrote on X. “Casa Alitas security accosted our cameraman, threw his phone & left him w/ bloody lip.”

“Then another masked security man threw rocks at our vehicle & nearly hit our cameraman with a brick,” she added.

WARNING: Graphic Language

“What are they hiding? What don’t they want you to know about how our govt spends your money to funnel illegals into the country?” Campos-Duffy asked in her post.

“Casa Alitas is affiliated with Catholic Charities. Not very Christian behavior. Super shady,” she added.

According to its website, Casa Alitas says it offers “shelter, necessities and travel assistance to asylum seeking families. Our guests arrive for a short stay, after their release from Border Patrol and ICE detention,” Fox News reported.

“Casa Alitas is a program of Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona,” the website states, according to the outlet. “The Casa Alitas Leadership Team and Volunteer Service Coordinators support a network of paid staff, volunteers, and interns to create a safe, just, and compassionate refuge for the migrant families transiting through our Southern Arizona border communities. The Casa Alitas program is sustained by an inter-denominational network of faith collaborators and inter-organizational partnerships with federal, state, and municipal government agencies; universities and colleges; and other non-governmental organizations.”

Frieda Powers


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