‘Cat’ mom who protested school alleges trans board member went in women’s locker room, stared at her naked chest

Remember the Arizona mom who made headlines when she turned up at a local school board meeting dressed as a cat and, after meowing, demanded everyone treat her as such to protest the disturbing effect Paul Bixler, a transgender school board member, has on students when he wears his dead wife’s clothes in front of elementary school students and demands they refer to him as “her”?

Well, she’s back, and she’s called the cops on Bixler after he showed up in her gym’s locker room while she was getting undressed, sparking, with the help of Libs of TikTok, yet another viral video.

Lindsey Graham — no relation to the RINO in D.C. — says she was at Esporta when Bixler, 72, entered the women’s locker room and saw her “half naked.”

“I was undressing in the locker room,” she said. “Top off. Bra off. And Paul Bixler was in the women’s locker room, and he looked at me, and he looked at my breasts.”

“And I have called the police,” she stated defiantly.

Not only that, she’d do it again.

In fact, she told the Daily Mail, she would call the cops “every time” Bixler used the women’s changing rooms, and she believes the police will back her up.

“There was no communication between us whatsoever. I didn’t speak to him; he didn’t speak to me,” she told the outlet. “He had his back to me, but there was a mirror, so when he turned around after loading up his things, he was able to see me completely topless.”

Graham, also known online as the “Patriot Barbie,” says allowing him into a woman’s private changing area is a violation of her rights.


“The idea that he was in there and I was undressing is enough to have violated my rights,” she said. “When I called the police they seemed to be well aware of him already.”

“I don’t think this is the first time that it has happened,” she continued. “They knew what card is being played, and he told them that he has had bottom surgery so he is allowed to use that changing room. It is frustrating because the police told him he’s free to go and let him go back into the changing room.”

Now, there is an argument to be made that, if a person has had his male genitalia removed as part of a gender “transition,” it is appropriate for him to use the women’s locker room. It isn’t quite the same as having a man with a functioning penis and a dress getting changed in the middle of a bunch of girls, as was the case with the girl’s high school volleyball team which was prohibited from using their locker room after complaining about sharing it with a still-fully-intact trans student who made inappropriate comments as they dressed.

But Graham says she is concerned about children who may be using the gym’s locker room when Bixler is getting changed.

It’s enough to convince her to find another place to work out — or force him to.

“What if there was a little girl getting changed in there?” she asked the Daily Mail. “Realistically I’ll never get undressed in that locker room now.”

“It’s not fair for me to have to cancel my gym membership and put my life on hold to accommodate and comply with his mental disorder,” she continued. “Every time I see him in there I will be calling the police. I sensed that the police today morally didn’t agree with what they were forced to comply with.”

“I believe they knew in their hearts that I was right,” she added.

What the police told her, she said in her TikTok video, is that it is a “touchy, sensitive issue in society.”

And that, it definitely is.

While it may be true that allowing Bixler to demand students don’t “misgender” him as he parades around in the clothes of his dead wife is wholly inappropriate, some may ask if it’s appropriate for Graham to yell at him in the gym, shouting, “Paul if you are a female, why do you use the men’s restroom sometimes and the women’s restroom sometimes?”

“Please stay away from me,” Bixler replied as the police attempted to defuse the encounter.

The incident highlights the complexities of the trans movement.

Should Graham and other women be forced to share a private space with someone who identifies as a woman?

Should a person, so committed to appearing as a woman they endured life-changing surgery to erase all outward traces of their manhood, be forced to undress in front of a bunch of men?

Should gyms be forced to build single-use locker rooms for transgender members?

These are questions that likely won’t be answered in a TikTok video or solved with a cute kitty costume.


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