California teacher learns the hard way not to mess with a mama monk seal

An unidentified woman in Hawaii had to be rescued after being attacked by a monk seal that was protecting its recently-birthed pups in the area. Wildlife officials […]

Cheney triggered by Tom Cotton’s criticism of Jan 6 Soviet-style show trial

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney has become a one-trick pony in what is almost certainly her waning days as a Republican lawmaker, attacking Donald Trump and all who […]

Taiwan conducts military drills to prepare for Chinese assault that could dwarf Ukraine: report

One need only lo back to February to see how quickly unchecked rising tensions led from mere exercises to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and now […]

Caught on video: Fleeing man narrowly escapes tragedy when suspect’s gun fails to fire

Call it fate, divine intervention, or a miracle, but one Las Vegas man is likely calling it the luckiest moment of his life. On Sunday, an armed […]

Former congressman one of nine charged with insider trading resulting in millions in illegal profits

With all the focus on the recent stock purchases by Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the indictment of a former congressman suggests that […]

Tucker opens MONSTER inquiry into lies big pharma has been telling in riveting extended show opening

(Video: Fox News) Following the release of a study that discredited the use of antidepressant drugs, Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Big Pharma and Democrats for […]

Gutfeld calls Trump ‘MORE electable’ after ‘drama queen’ dems’ showtrial, colleague plays different card

The Jan. 6 hearings have been nothing than a “show trial” by Democrats who have evidently shot themselves in the foot by making former President Donald […]

Antifa is mad that a female cop shot a suspect resisting arrest who fired at her partner

A domestic violence suspect was shot dead by a female cop in Portland after the man to a shot at her partner during a scuffle caught on […]

Environmentalists are holding up a key part of Biden’s green agenda

Jack McEvoy, DCNF Environmental activists are threatening to stop two mining projects that are critical to President Joe Biden’s climate agenda, according to The Associated Press. Environmental […]

Woman shooter at Dallas airport has criminal history, tried to rob bank, but was deemed not to be a threat to the public

After a woman reportedly began shooting at a Dallas airport Monday, police identified the suspect as a known criminal previously determined incompetent to stand trial with a […]

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