Cruz calls out Biden’s ‘equity czar’ for official anti-white email: Your job is to encourage discrimination

Harold Hutchison, DCNF Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas turned to a classic movie while questioning the State Department’s chief diversity and inclusion officer about alleged […]

Trump reveals how to save America from Biden’s magical thinking

Carrie Sheffield, DCNF In his first D.C. appearance since leaving the White House, former President Donald Trump laid out an economic agenda on Tuesday that strongly contrasted […]

CNN’s Avlon bemoans Dems ‘dangerous game’ of funding pro-Trump candidates — because they might win!

(Video: CNN) CNN’s John Avlon to exception to the Democratic Party for interfering in Republican primary elections by funding pro-Trump candidates, a strategy based on the idea […]

Kari Lake issues ‘stern warning’ ahead of election: ‘We’ve got eyes and ears… There will be hell to pay’

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has stern words for anyone thinking about “trying to steal this next election.” In a statement to OAN, Lake made it clear […]

Beverly Hills unanimously votes not to enforce looming LA county mask mandate; big blow to Fauci

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, the science in support of mask mandates was at best shaky with new studies proving ad nauseam that their implementation […]

‘The View’ reportedly ready to name it’s ‘conservative’ co-host and nobody is happy about it

Since the departure of Meghan McCain, ‘The View’ has been loing for a permanent “conservative” co-host. On Tuesday, a report indicated that they had settled on who […]

Moms begin to remove children’s’ photos from internet when DISTURBING trends follow 3-yr-old’s TikTok

Mothers on social media have begun removing photos of their children from the internet after a hugely popular account featuring a toddler began generating thousands of disturbing […]

FL rapper shot dead MINUTES after taunting rivals online, sharing where he would be

A rapper in Florida rapper was killed on Friday after apparently taunting his rivals in a social media post that told them just where he would be. […]

Landmark SCOTUS decision may prove SEC’s proposed climate power-grab ‘unlawful’

(Video: Fox Business) At the close of the Supreme Court term, many lauded the litany of rulings from justices as a historic achievement for conservatism, and, while […]

‘Great people we elect’: Marine father furious with WI Dem involved in crash that killed wife, 5-yr-old daughter

Brandon Fink is described in media reports as a “heartbren Marine” after losing his wife and precious 5-year-old daughter in a fatal car accident while on vacation […]

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