Cenk Uygur demands Biden drop out, says he’s ‘the ONLY person who can’t beat Trump’

Progressive pundit Cenk Uygur has upped the intensity of his calls for President Joe Biden to bow out of the 2024 race now before the deeply unpopular leader loses the election to GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump, the left’s ultimate nightmare.

The “Young Turks” founder who recently accused the octogenarian career politician of being “intensely selfish” for not stepping aside, dialed it up to a new level in a Newsweek op-ed where he sounded the alarm that despite the hype from Washington, D.C. insiders and the White House’s media shills, that Biden is marching Democrats headfirst into an electoral bloodbath if he runs.

Beginning with pointing out the geriatric leader’s horrific poll numbers, the left-wing blowhard dished out some tough love to Democrats and Biden worshippers, “You’re just telling yourself sweet little lies if you think he can win with those numbers.”

“I know what everyone in Washington is going to say next: ‘But that’s not fair! He passed so many bills. No one has passed this much legislation since Grover Cleveland or something. He passed the semiconductor bill!!’ Uygur said, pointing out that “I got bad news for you if you’re a Democrat: No one cares about the semiconductor bill—or any of the other bills that helped his donors so much (and coincidentally, a couple of other Americans as well). Even if you love those bills, no American even knows about them.”

“If you spend any time listening to people in power in politics or media, you’ll have heard some version of the talking point that Joe Biden is the only one who can beat Trump. It’s nonsense. Based on what data are they making this claim? The truth is the opposite: Biden is the only person who can’t beat Trump. My left foot can beat Trump. An open dumpster fire can beat Trump,” he raged.

“Joe Biden sees the same numbers we see. His team puts out talking points about how this is the most important election of our lifetimes and how democracy is on the line,” he added. “They are right. Yet Biden sees the same devastating polling results we see and concludes that his ego is more important than that election—and, according to his own logic, democracy itself.”

He also pimped his petition for Biden to step down, having announced it two weeks ago, but it has failed to gain many signatures.

Uygur was savaged on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, where Biden loyalists – and probably a good many bots – tore into him for his heresy.

Not surprisingly, X users with the familiar little blue and yellow Ukraine flag emojis were particularly incensed given Biden seems to be hellbent at draining the Treasury to shovel money into the corrupt Eastern European country and its controversial leader.

“Spare me the useless talking point about how he won by 7 million votes. That’s true, but if you wanted that to matter, maybe you should have passed the Freedom to Vote Act. But President Biden barely tried. His donors apparently didn’t press him on that one,” wrote Uygur. “And God help the Democrats if the Republican nominee isn’t Donald Trump. Then Biden has a mathematically zero percent chance of winning. Not close. Not within miles of close.”

“You can hate the messenger and you can think that an incumbent can win even though they’re in the thirties in approval, but that isn’t going to change the inevitable: Joe Biden is going to lose this election. We need a new candidate,” he concluded.

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