Cheeseburger in Hell: Woman buried on TikTok for walking out on date who refused $3 slice of cheese

So, here’s a pro tip for all you ladies on the dating app scene: If you’re on a first date and you think the guy is such a tightwad that you pay for the dinner yourself and walk out, do not rant about it on TikTok.

Dafna, a young New Yorker, learned this lesson the hard way after she walked out on a guy who refused to pay an extra three bucks to put cheese on his burger.

After finishing her meal, Dafna excused herself, ostensibly to go to the restroom, but in reality, she bolted for the cash register, paid the bill, and marched out, recording her reaction as she went.

The clip quickly went viral.

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“Why am I doing this to myself?” she lamented, before describing her first encounter with a man she met on the dating app, Hinge.

“So we schedule to go to dinner, we’re sitting at the restaurant and he seems very nice. Not a catfish,” Dafna explains as she walked down the street. “Things are going well, and the waitress comes over, she wants to take our order.”

Dafna placed an order for branzino, a Mediterranean sea bass. Her date went for a burger, but when asked if he wanted cheese on that, he asked if it would cost “extra.”

“And she says, ‘Yes it’s three dollars extra,'” Dafna recalled. “He said, ‘OK never mind.'”

“I’m like, ‘what the actual f**k?'” she stated.

“And he’s like, ‘Oh my God, you have to pay extra for everything these days,'” she continued, ‘and I’m like, ‘Yeah. It’s New York City.'”

That’s when she planned her escape.

After eating, she said, “I took my purse and I went to the waitress and was like, ‘Hey I just want to pay the bill.’ I just paid and walked out of the restaurant.”

“So I texted him and said, ‘The check is taken care of, you should have gotten the cheese,'” she said. “Then I blocked him.”

Now, we’re not saying Dafna was wrong to end her date. Some women look at a man’s shoes to gauge his earning potential. Some scope out his car.

Dafna monitors the condiments of her prospective mates, and she should be allowed to do so.

All we’re saying is, if three dollars can put the breaks on living happily ever after, maybe keep that tidbit to yourself.

Dafna was buried on TikTok for her money-centric ways by people who believed she should show the frugal fellow a bit of understanding given today’s economic woes.

“That seems extreme,” replied one empathetic user. “I mean maybe he isn’t always frugal but he’s struggling right now like so many people are.”

“I’m not even broke but I’m not about to pay three whole bucks for a slice of processed cheese,” stated another.

“The problem is people are too quick to judge someone off one comment,” wrote a third. “You didn’t even give him a chance based on a piece of cheese.”

“She really thought this was the right thing to do,” noted a fourth.

Over on Twitter, users began saying her date was the lucky one.

“Having a date walk out on you for refusing a $3 slice of cheese? Dodged a bullet,” tweeted one user. “She made a Tiktok about it while walking home? Dodged a cannonball.”

All the “unhinged” responses to her self-described “stupid video” led Dafna to do what TikTok’ers do: shoot another video.

“Do you think I don’t know that I am crazy? I’m crazy,” Dafna said. “But you guys are taking it to a different level.”

“Some people are going through all my videos saying I’m ‘ugly’ and that I don’t deserve love,” she revealed.

Others suggested she should delete her account and kill herself.

“That’s not okay in any way,” she said. “Why are you taking this stupid video so seriously? I’m having a laugh about it.”

@dafna_diamant Happy Saturday #3dollarcheese #crazygirl #getalife ♬ original sound – Dafna

“The guys is having a laugh about it,” she continued.

Turns out the two are going to go out on a second date.

Dafna disclosed that she, too, is “broke.”

“I’m a student, I’m an unpaid intern, my rent is half my pay check. I have a huge credit card debt,” she said. “But I’m fine about it. It’s going to be OK.”

“But when I go out on a date or to a restaurant with friends, I’m not going to b**ch about money,” she vowed. “I’m gonna enjoy myself and deal with it later.”

Melissa Fine


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