Chloe Cole says she was notified that her Instagram bio is too ‘violent’ for identifying as ‘former trans kid’

Famous detransitioner Chloe Cole has been censored on Instagram for committing the supposed crime of identifying as a detransitioner.

“Facebook has notified me that my instagram bio is too ‘violent,'” she tweeted Saturday afternoon.

Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of the disciplinary note she received from Instagram, which is owned by Facebook (aka Meta).


“Our Recommendations Guidelines help to promote content that fosters a safe community on Instagram. We try not to recommend content or accounts that show violence, such as people fighting. This includes: All accompanying text or imagery that encourage violence, including hashtags, terms, and bio information,” the disciplinary note read.

Attached to the note itself was a picture of the offending Instagram profile. In the profile, Cole had simply stated that she’s a 19-year-old biological female and former “transgender male” who started transitioning at the age of 13, got a double mastectomy at the age of 15, and finally detransitioned at the age of 16. What exactly is violent about all that? It’s not clear.

Cole’s supporters responded to the disciplinary note by crying foul and rushing to her defense. One of the most poignant responses came from the Family Research Council (FRC), which noted in a tweet that, in a way, Instagram has a valid point.

“@instagram is correct. Chloe’s story is violent. It is violent to perform a double mastectomy on a healthy teen for no medical reason. It is violent to give experimental drugs to kids that block normal body functioning, permanently alter their physiology, and likely make them sterile,” the post reads.

“It is violent to tell parents, ‘you can have dead daughter or a live transgender son.’ It is violent to be shunned by the medical community when you ask for help to correct the damage. But @ChoooCole ’s story is real. And it’s happening to thousand of other kids across the country. Help stop the violence, @Meta, let the truth be heard. Unhide @ChoooCole.”

View the post below:

Notice what the FRC said about a “dead daughter.” This was plucked from testimony that Cole delivered to the House Judiciary Committee back in July describing how transitioning into a male at a young age had ruined her life.

“I used to believe that I was born the wrong body, and the adults in my life whom I trusted affirmed my belief and this caused me lifelong, irreversible harm. I speak to you today as a victim of one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of the United States of America,” she began.

“I speak to you in the hope that you will have the courage to bring the scandal to an end and ensure that other vulnerable teenagers, children, and young adults don’t go through what I went through,” she continued.

Cole went on to describe how she began to experience symptoms of gender dysphoria at the age of 12 and how her parents affirmed her feelings and took her to a doctor. She noted at this point that she doesn’t blame her parents for her misfortune — she blames the doctors.

The gender specialist I was taken to see told my parents that I need to be put on puberty-blocking drugs right away. They asked my parents a simple question: Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living transgender son? The choice was enough for my parents to let their guard down, and in retrospect, I can’t blame them,” she said.

“This is the moment that we all became victims of so-called gender-affirming care. I was-fast tracked onto puberty blockers and then testosterone. The resulting menopausal-like hot flashes made focusing on school impossible. I still get joint pains and weird pops in my back, but they were far worse when I was on the blockers,” she added.

Another Cole supporter, journalist Christina Buttons, responded to the disciplinary note by threatening to write an article about Facebook.

“They better hope it’s a mistake, otherwise I’m writing an article in a news outlet,” she tweeted.

The tweet included a “media inquiry” she’d sent to Facebook.


See other responses to the disciplinary note below:


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