Chris Cuomo challenges Tucker on Jan 6 footage he aired: ‘You cherry-picked that’

NewsNation anchor Chris Cuomo’s much-anticipated interview with Tucker Carlson is set to air Monday night. It will mark Carlson’s first appearance on cable news since being ousted by Fox News.

In a clip released early, Cuomo confronts Carlson over Jan. 6 and his “cherry-picked” use of 44,000 hours of surveillance footage provided to him by then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)

“January 6th, I know people will say it was an insurrection. People will say okay, fine, he wasn’t charged with that and there was a reason he wasn’t charged with that,” Cuomo said, speaking of former President Donald Trump. “It’s not a technicality. And your approach and the approach of other people, hey this was just, you know, these guys were in the wrong place, the wrong way, but that’s all it was.”

“I don’t agree with that. I think it was a riot,” he continued. “And I think they were way over the line, and I think they were motivated to go over the line, in part by the President of the United States.”

“Parts of it obviously were a riot,” Carlson replied. “But let me ask you a couple questions, one is, why can’t we know how many federal agents were in the crowd and what they were doing there?”

Cuomo said he was all for transparency and knowing the answer to that question.

“It is the opposite to what we have,” Carlson countered. “And there are thousands of hours of tape and the release of which will not jeopardize the security in the Capitol.”

“You cherry-picked that tape by the way,” Cuomo interjected.

“I aired what they sent me,” Carlson pushed back.

“You cherry-picked it though,” Cuomo doubled down.

Cuomo would also question Carlson about the COVID-19 pandemic — the former Fox News host ridiculed Cuomo frequently on his old show.

“What do I mean to you when it comes to Covid that bothered you about the coverage or the reality or any of it?” Cuomo asked in a carefully worded question.

“I was completely opposed to from the very first day to the idea that you can restrict people’s freedom of movement or force them into taking any medical treatment of any kind period,” Carlson replied.

“Government says this is what we have to do and there are similar practices going around the world,” the NewsNation host said. “I understand the restriction, order the argument. But why was it wrong for me to say, this is what they’re telling us to do?”

Tom Tillison


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